Why do professional models pout?

Looking sultry instead of smiling is common in modern modeling.

Pouting is defined as stretching the lips to appear attractive or irritated. When professional models pout, they are usually trying to look more attractive and may even have been instructed to pout by a cameraman. It is very common for these models to purse their lips, glow or look sensually at the camera instead of smiling. In addition, it is also common for people to misinterpret a facial expression. At some point, models, celebrities, and people from all walks of life started pouting for the cameras in extreme ways, what is often called duck face or kiss face because of their tightly pursed lips.

Pouting is often seen as a sign of confidence in models.

Haute couture runway models are often seen pouting or looking angry or bored. These models are sometimes described as flamboyant and praised for their ability to walk with confidence and grace. An expression of boredom, pout, or anger encourages the idea that the model is confident and comfortable with what they are doing. Other types of models also use these facial expressions. Of course, professional models aren’t limited to negative facial expressions like pouting; many adopt smiles, smirks, or other facial expressions generally considered positive.

Some models and actresses have very full lips that result in a pouting expression.

It’s not uncommon for a model to adopt a neutral facial expression rather than a pout, smile or sultry look. After all, your job is to show off clothes and accessories rather than your body, so adopting a neutral facial expression makes sense. In some cases, however, people misinterpret a facial expression due to a person’s natural facial features. For example, a woman with downturned lips may be seen as sad, frustrated or angry, but in reality she may be maintaining a neutral expression and a slight frown is the natural setting for her lips.

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It is not uncommon for a model to adopt a neutral facial expression.

In the early 2000s, men and women began taking pouting for the camera to a new extreme. Originally known as little beijinho or pout, the phenomenon eventually became known as duck face. A person would stick both lips out to make them look fuller than they actually are. It is believed that this type of pout was inspired by models and actresses who have very full lips and a natural pouting expression. The look was popular in many countries, from the United States of America to Sweden.

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