Which email service providers have a bounce receipt option?

The return confirmation option is a feature offered by some email service providers. As with physical “snail mail”, using this feature can be very helpful. On the one hand, it serves as confirmation of delivery. It can also provide additional valuable information such as the time and date the email was read and the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the local computer or network that received it. With the large number of email service providers available, the best way to find out which ones have an acknowledgment option is to contact the service and ask.

The return confirmation option is offered by some email service providers.

Requesting an acknowledgment of receipt does not necessarily mean that one will be received. First, the recipient’s email application may not support this feature, and some privacy policies allow individual users to opt out of email tracking. This means the recipient can disable the feature and still read the email. Also, if the sender’s email address is not pre-approved or filtered, the email may automatically be directed to a “spam” folder and never be seen.

Not all recipient email apps support sending return receipts.

While there are dozens of web-based email providers – and some that don’t require any internet connection – surprisingly few offer the confirmation of receipt feature. Some of the more conventional email clients have such as America Online (AOL), Netscape® and Microsoft Outlook®. Still, users should be aware that while these apps may have this option, it is usually disabled by default. In fact, it can sometimes take a few extra clicks for the sender to figure out how to send email with this feature enabled.

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For example, the Outlook® application has a number of proof of receipt options that can be accessed by selecting “Options” from the drop-down menu under “Tools” on the main menu bar. From here, the user can choose to request a return receipt for all emails sent, be warned before sending an individual email, or disable the feature entirely. The user can also choose to send a receipt of the email received.

America Online is much more straightforward with its options. With this app, there is a tab that says “Request Return Receipt” at the bottom of the window from which the email is composed and can be verified. Also, because AOL is a subscription-based service, members can track the status of all emails sent to other AOL members. This feature is available even without requesting a receipt.

With Netscape®, these options are available in the “Mail and Newsgroups” area under “Preferences” of the “Edit” drop-down menu. As with Outlook®, Netscape® users can choose to request a receipt for all emails sent or just some. As with AOL, users can simply select “Write” to open a new email window and check the box to request a receipt from there.

An unapproved sender email will be moved to a spam folder.

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