Which countries export the most?

The United States is one of the main exporting countries in the world.

Countries export a wide range of products, from consumer products to raw materials and energy resources. In general, the largest industrialized nations export the most, while the smaller and less developed nations export relatively little. Also, most countries try to find a balance between their exports and their imports, so when they export a lot, they also tend to import a lot.

In 2010, over $1 trillion worth of Chinese goods were exported all over the world.

The easiest way to measure which countries export the most is simply to look at the total value of their combined exports. The total value of all the world’s exports in 2010 was estimated to be around $15.18 trillion US Dollars (USD). Of this total, China ranks first among individual nations with a combined export value of around $1.581 trillion. Germany comes next with a combined export value of $1.303 trillion. The United States comes in third, exporting $1.289 trillion. These top three nations export $4.173 trillion worth of goods, or just under a third of the world’s entire export value.

Consumer products are an example of items shipped for export around the world.

These numbers are especially interesting when compared to the total value of imports from these nations. The United States is the largest importer in terms of value, with total imports of around $1.935 trillion. China comes next with imports worth $1.327 trillion, and Germany comes third with imports worth $1.099 trillion. This means that these three countries import about $4.361 trillion worth of goods, almost the same as their total exports, but with a larger amount being transported by the United States.

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The People’s Republic of China is often at the top of the list of countries with the most exports.

The other top ten exporting countries are Japan with $730.1 billion, France with $517.2 billion, the Netherlands with $486.7 billion, South Korea with $464.3 billion, Italy with $448.4 billion, UK with $410.2 billion and Russia with $400.1 billion. These other seven countries have exports worth around $3.457 trillion, even less than the first three total. This also means that the top ten exporting countries export around $7.63 trillion, or around half of total world exports. The top ten importing countries are very similar, with Japan, France, the UK, Italy, the Netherlands and South Korea appearing on both lists, and with Canada beating Russia as the top importer.

Germany ranks third in the list of exporting countries.

The amount these top nations export is even more impressive when compared to the nations at the bottom of the list. Countries like Tuvalu and Naura, for example, which are small island nations with a low population, export less than 1/100 of 1% of what a nation like the United States exports. Nauru, for example, had total exports of just $64,000 in 2005. Even reasonably large nations can barely export if their economies are impoverished enough. Rwanda, for example, exported in 2010 only US$234.2 million, or about 1/2000 of the exports of a country like the Netherlands.

Exports can also be viewed in terms of per capita values, which helps to balance population differences. Germany, for example, exports $1.303 trillion and has a population of around 81.4 million people, which represents per capita exports of around $16,000. China, on the other hand, exports $1.581 trillion worth of goods but has a population of 1.33 billion people, which represents per capita exports of just $1,200. The United States has exports valued at US$1.289 trillion and a population of around 313 million people, which represents exports per capita of around US$4,100.

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