Where should I cut hydrangea flowers from the plant?

A blue hydrangea flower.

Hydrangea flowers can make fabulous floral arrangements, especially the mophead varieties, which are so large they can fill a vase with their many tiny flowers. They also keep up very well, especially with a few precautions. Since new flowers often sprout on old wood, cut off the green part, not the brown area of ​​the stem. This will ensure that new flowers will delight you next year. You can expect properly cut flowers to last at least several weeks to a month.

Hydrangea flowers should be kept well hydrated after being cut.

Florist experts suggest that you make sure the flower is at least a week old and fully colored before cutting it, as the older the flower, the longer it will last in water. Once the flower is cut, which must be cut diagonally, the hydrangea must be immersed in water for two hours. To increase water absorption, you can break the bottom of the stem with a hammer or cut an inch off the bottom of the stem while it is immersed in water. This will keep the flower alive and drink water for a longer period of time.

Some experts recommend boiling the water and cooling it before submerging the flower. Others simply recommend keeping the stem well immersed in water. Consider using a shorter vase and cut the stem of the hydrangea short, about 6 inches (15.24 cm) or less. A longer stem requires more water and will shorten the flower’s lifespan. Since the stem will absorb water, check the longer stems frequently to see if the water in the vase needs replacing.

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Although the leaves of hydrangeas are beautiful, they should be cut with a flower. They also steal water from the flower part and shorten the lifespan of a cut flower. Also, don’t trim stems that don’t bloom on a plant that is less than five years old, because they tend to become next year’s flowers. Cutting carefully is therefore recommended.

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