Where can I get money orders?

An international money order in US dollars (USD) issued by the United States Postal Service.

Money orders are prepaid financial instruments that can be used as legal tender to settle any type of debt obligation. As an alternative to currency, checks or any type of wire transfer, this type of instrument is the preferred option for many people who choose to pay bills by mail. Due to the popularity of this form of payment, money order services are offered at many common financial institutions and retailers.

Small retail stores may not accept money orders as a form of payment.

One of the most popular places to buy money orders in the United States and many other countries is your local post office. In some countries, the fee for a postal order is based on the total value of the document, while postal systems in other countries charge a flat fee regardless of the face value of the order. The Post Office is also an excellent source of international money orders when there is a need to remit payments in foreign currency.

Banks and credit unions often offer money orders.

Along with the post office, banks and credit unions often offer money orders along with bank checks. There is usually a higher face value limit for bank orders. There’s also a good chance that the process of replacing a lost one will be less complicated than with other services.

Check cashing services often offer these financial instruments at low prices. This can be very convenient for people who prefer to pay bills using this type of financial instrument. The paycheck can be cashed at the service and then the money can be used to purchase the orders. Since many check cashing services also sell envelopes and stamps, it is possible to prepare money orders for shipping on site and toss the bills in a mailbox on the way home.

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The Internet offers one final option. Online services allow consumers to order and pay money orders online. Some of these online providers also offer a direct mail service for an additional fee. This makes it possible to buy and ship orders without having to leave the comfort of home. Best of all, going to an online provider allows you to buy orders at any time of the day or night, eliminating the need to go to a bank, supermarket or check cashing service during normal business hours.

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