What types of razors are available specifically for women?

Some razors designed for women have moisturizers built in.

Women have different body contours than men, so it makes sense to have different types of razors for women. Women’s hair is usually less coarse than men’s. A wide variety of disposable and electric shavers for women are available on the market today.

Gillette Venus Women’s Blades are disposable and feature three padded blades and a rounded head. Venus is designed with an easy-to-hold handle and a travel cap. It is also designed for sensitive skin and many users report no cuts even when shaving in a hurry. Some women like to use shaving gel along with disposable razors when shaving larger areas like their legs.

Some disposable razors are made specifically for women.

Gillette Custom Plus disposable razors for women have a trademark MoistureRich aloe strip to help prevent skin irritation when shaving. The Custom Plus has a swivel head for bends around the knees. The dual blades are designed to cut through the hair and the Custom Plus has an UltraGrip rubber grip to allow for better control while shaving.

Several companies market razors specifically for use on female legs.

Many electric shavers for women have slow motors, while most electric shavers for men have fast motors designed to cut through your thick hair. However, there are some good electric shavers for women and a fast motor allows for a faster shave. Swivel heads help prevent cuts and irritation. Fully submersible women’s razors are a must for women who prefer to shave in the shower.

Shaving after a shower can help prevent leg burns.

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Most electric shavers for women have a money-back guarantee. Many razor manufacturers allow your skin to take a while to get used to a different razor and usually give users at least a month to try it out. If you try one of the electric shavers for women and end up not liking it, you can send it back and get your money back.

Good electric shavers for women cost around $45.00 to $60.00 US Dollars (USD). The Remington Smooth and Silky Shaver is a women’s shaver designed for shaving without cuts and even has a 24k gold plated hypoallergenic micro screen. Philips Lady Shave and Care dispenses moisturizer while the shaver works. The Philips Lady Shave features a trademarked OptiShave system that allows you to adjust the heads to the contours of each body part and is fully submersible for use in the bath or shower.

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