What Types of Jobs can I get As a Business Major?

Marketing and salespeople often travel.

A business major has a number of options in a wide variety of disciplines upon graduation from college. Whether they want to get into the management side, the customer service side, or even the marketing side, all of these may be available options once a student has gained the proper tools. Those who may have an idea of ​​what division of business they want to go in should take the time to focus their coursework accordingly, perhaps even getting a minor in addition to their business major.

The concierge is one example of a hospitality position that is usually well suited for a business major.

Business management is often a prime field for those who have a degree in business. While the business major just starting out in his or her career may not be able to get a top management position, it will be much easier to advance from the lower levels of management with a degree. Positions in middle or upper management often require a business degree in order to even be considered for the position.

Someone who has a business degree might start their own bar.

While many might think of customer service as the hard work of the business model, there are opportunities for those who specialize in business to have meaningful hands-on customer experience. The hospitality industry, in many cases, offers a number of offerings to business majors in the field of customer service. A concierge is an example of a hospitality role that is generally suitable for a large company.

Someone with a degree in management can start their own catering business.

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The area with the most opportunities for a major business might be marketing and sales. Those who excel in this part of the business can quickly move into a management position, as they are often recognized not for policy but for performance. Also, many sales jobs, especially when the clients are professionals such as sales for other companies, require their sales reps to have a degree in management.

Large companies can market and sell established product lines.

For those looking to sharpen their choices, sometimes an MBA in addition to a business specialization is the way to go. While many business graduates often wish to pursue an MBA, which is a master’s degree in business administration, few actually do. Those who do have a distinct advantage over those who simply hold a degree in business administration. In some cases, if the individual is already employed, the company may provide additional education towards an MBA at no cost to the employee. This can be a huge incentive for a major company looking to take the next step.

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