What snacks can I make with rye crackers?

Lunch meat can be used with rye crackers.

People are increasingly familiar with crackers made from flour sources other than traditional white flour, such as rye crackers. Typically made from a combination of rye flour, whole wheat flour and cumin seeds, rye crackers are great for snacking. In fact, they can be combined with a number of other ingredients to provide healthy snacks any time of day. Popular snacks can be made with leftovers, such as adding cream cheese and herbs to leftover salmon to cover the crackers, using meat and cheese as a topping, or using the crackers as a base for a variety of spreads.

Leftover salmon can be a good snack when topped with rye crackers.

Because rye crackers are often denser than other types of crackers, they can contain even the heaviest ingredients. As snacks, they often serve as a base for leftovers, which makes them a great food for the cost-conscious consumer. For example, if there are extra bell peppers from last night’s dinner, they can be sautéed with eggs to create a rye cracker frittata. If extra salmon is available, it can be combined with herbs and cream cheese to make a snack full of omega fatty acids and antioxidants.

Rye crackers can be used as a filler for fries.

Other snacks that use rye crackers use snack-type items. For example, if a small portion of salad is left over, it can be placed on top of the cookies. The crispy cookies, and the salad, lots of nutrients. While green salad can be used, other options include tuna salad, chicken salad, or even seafood salad.

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Cold meats can also be used to make a snack with rye crackers. For example, a smear of cream cheese or other cheese might be followed by a layer of ham, turkey, or roast beef. If hard cheese is used, condiments such as mustard or mayonnaise can also be added to the cracker. For softer cheeses, herbs can be mixed with the cheese, giving it a fresh flavor.

Rye crackers can be used to accompany a seafood salad.

Vegetarians can enjoy recipes with ground beans on rye crackers. For example, chickpeas, white beans or black beans can be ground to a spreadable texture. Sun-dried tomatoes, jalapeños, and other ingredients can also be added to the mix for added flavor. Bean spreads are typically high in protein and rye crackers are typically high in fiber, which makes them a nutritional combination.

Rye flour is not overly processed and as such is high in fiber. It also contains many vitamins such as B vitamins, vitamin K, A and E. It also contains calcium, magnesium and iron. Every vitamin and nutrient helps the body function and maintains the organs and bones.

When selecting a snack, rye crackers can be healthy, but it is possible to put high-fat, high-calorie foods in the cracker. This will negate the benefits of the snack. If ingredients like vegetables, beans, fish, and chicken are used, the snack may be better than one that uses high-fat cheeses and meats or heavy oils.

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