What should I know about cleaning with isopropyl alcohol?

A bottle of isopropyl alcohol.

Isopropyl alcohol, better known as isopropyl alcohol, has a lot going for it. In addition to being a refreshing massage for the muscles, rubbing alcohol can also be used as an inexpensive cleanser. If you’re not familiar with the idea of ​​cleaning with isopropyl alcohol, here are some ideas on what you can do with this product to keep your home clean and fresh.

To clean windows, mix one part rubbing alcohol and one part water in a spray bottle.

One of the easiest ways to enjoy cleaning with isopropyl alcohol is to use the substance to refresh the appearance of switches, doorknobs, and phones. By soaking a clean, dry cloth in isopropyl alcohol, you can quickly remove oily deposits and dust from these surfaces. The alcohol will not only remove dirt and grime, but it will also act as a disinfectant, leaving surfaces with fewer germs.

Isopropyl alcohol can be used to clean doorknobs, phones, furniture, and more.

Cleaning the bathroom is also among the household uses of alcohol. Stubborn rings around the bathtub drain and toilet bowl can be removed by spraying alcohol on the rings and allowing it to seep into the area. From there, using a scrubbing brush will complete the job. Along with cleaning the bathtub ring and toilet bowl, you can also spray isopropyl alcohol on the tile to help minimize the presence of buildup in the grout. Make sure the bathroom is well ventilated before you start cleaning with alcohol.

Isopropyl alcohol can be used to clean switch boards.

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Cleaning tips that involve isopropyl alcohol also include freshening patio furniture. Metal or resin chairs and tables can be disinfected and given a glossy finish with a simple rubbing with a clean cloth and a little of the product. Cleaning with isopropyl alcohol will eliminate much of the dirt that accumulates on outdoor furniture during the winter months and will also make it possible to quickly renew furniture before hosting an outdoor party.

Bathtub and toilet rings can be removed with isopropyl alcohol.

Cleaning with isopropyl alcohol may also involve candles. Dust tends to accumulate on wax candles quite easily. Cleaning candles with isopropyl alcohol is a great way to quickly remove dust. Also, alcohol is less likely to damage the wick than water. Let the alcohol dry completely before lighting the candle.

Cleaning windows with alcohol and water is a breeze. Mix one part alcohol with one part water in a spray bottle. Spray the window and wipe with a clean cloth. Isopropyl alcohol will leave a streak-free shine and can also help to slightly repel dust.

Because it is flammable, isopropyl alcohol should not be used to clean appliances such as toasters.

There are many other cleaning tips that involve the use of isopropyl alcohol. However, it is important to remember that alcohol is flammable. This means that it is not suitable for use in appliances such as stoves or toasters. It is also important to always clean with isopropyl alcohol in a well-ventilated area. Following these simple safety measures will allow you to effectively clean china, plastics, and glass objects around your home for a fraction of what it would cost to purchase cleaning products at the store.

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