What should I consider when buying new glasses?

An eye exam by an optometrist can help determine the need for glasses.

Buying new glasses can be a dizzying experience, thanks to the wide variety of frames available on the market. While an optometrist is usually happy to help customers choose new glasses, it can be helpful to think about what you want before you buy your glasses. By organizing your wants and needs, buying new glasses will be much easier as you will be able to promptly eliminate the glasses you do not want from the selection.

Choose a frame that matches your face shape.

Most people buy new glasses because their old frames have broken or they don’t like them anymore. In either case, an eye exam should be performed when purchasing new eyeglasses to ensure that the prescription is updated if necessary and that your eyes are healthy. Most optometrists offer a selection of frames in their office, and some also sand the lenses on the spot, so you can get your new glasses that day. If you’re buying new glasses for an emergency and need them in a hurry, talk about it when you call to make an appointment.

Some people prefer glasses that turn into sunglasses when in strong light or sunlight.

The shape of the frames is an important consideration when purchasing new eyewear. Glasses come in rectangular, oval or polygonal configurations and not all will look good with your facial structure. Also, the shape and size of the lenses will impact your field of vision. For example, if you are buying new glasses because you have severe myopia, you would probably avoid small oval lenses, although they may look attractive because your vision will be restricted. Think about bringing a friend with you when you buy new glasses, to get a second opinion on how the glasses look on your face, while you think about how you’ll see through them.

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If you wear glasses all the time, you should consider purchasing a flexible frame style that matches various styles of dress or types of accessories. If you mostly wear silver jewelry, for example, you should probably avoid buying new glasses with a gold finish. When trying on lenses for added style, consider comfort as well. Make sure the nose pads are adjustable if the glasses don’t fit comfortably and think about how the ear cups feel. If you’re physically active, you probably also want flexible eyewear, like frames made from a memory material that will bend on impact rather than break.

When buying new glasses, you have several options when it comes to lenses. Most lenses come with scratch resistance built in, which can be a useful feature. Many optometrists also offer the option of clear or transitional lenses. Clear eyeglass lenses are plain, while transitional lenses darken when exposed to ultraviolet rays, turning into sunglasses. Some eyeglass wearers appreciate this feature, while others prefer to keep a separate pair of prescription sunglasses.

If you drive a lot, you should probably buy a pair of clear glasses and a pair of prescription sunglasses, because temporary lenses won’t darken in a car as the windshield blocks ultraviolet rays. This means you may have trouble seeing in bright driving conditions. Additionally, prescription sunglasses tend to be darker and will protect the delicate tissues of your eyes from sunburn, keeping them healthy in the long run.

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