What services do day spas offer?

Many day spas offer manicures and pedicures.

A spa is a place for relaxation and personal care treatments that has become extremely popular in the last decade. There are several types of spas, including day spas, night spas and destination spas. While all spas may offer the same type of treatment, day spas offer more options for workers looking to relax without leaving the city. A destination spa, on the other hand, also offers accommodation, so visitors can sleep and eat there. In recent years, medical spas have also become popular, offering treatments like Botox® and laser resurfacing.

Many day spas have saunas.

All day spas offer some basics like a relaxing atmosphere, private treatment rooms, professional workers, and a variety of extras, which can include everything from slippers to tea. They typically offer all types of body treatments, although some specialize in certain types over others. Common services include facials, massages, manicures and pedicures, waxing and electrolysis and aromatherapy.

Many day spas offer waxing.

Larger spas offer more advanced treatment options that may include body wraps, skin scrubs, and body scrubs. The more expensive type usually includes large facilities to house hydrotherapy treatments such as hot springs, mud baths, saunas and steam rooms. The line between spas and salons has blurred in recent years and today many spas offer haircuts, nutritional advice, makeup application and even small gyms.

A body scrub.

If you prefer a complete experience, consider choosing a day spa that offers different types of massage, such as reflexology, hot stone massage, or acupressure. If you choose any of these services, make sure the beauticians and massage therapists are certified.

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A la carte services, where the customer can choose from different treatments, are the most common form of service that day spas offer, although spa packages are also popular. Prices vary greatly depending on location, quality and type of treatment offered.

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