What is youth community development?

Through groups like Big Sisters Big Brothers, adult mentors can help local youth develop leadership skills.

Community Youth Development (CYD) is a concept based on the mutualism of a community and its youth and is intended to be a plan of action that supports relationships and partnerships between youth-based organizations and institutions and the towns, cities or counties in which they are located. located. Community youth development is not a new concept, but it has become an integral consideration in community planning and development.

Community youth development helps reduce the number of fights and violent crime in the neighborhood.

Community youth development programs are created and exist to provide mutually beneficial results within youth organizations and the wider community. Schools, churches, clubs and youth organizations and libraries are examples of institutions that can partner with local governments to create initiatives that offer a range of services to youth in the community. Services can be designed to handle any number of issues.

Youth development workers can partner with local parks departments to schedule activities.

Examples of issues that CYD initiatives can address include health and wellness, community involvement, character building, youth at risk, college readiness, violence and crime, and any other community issues that may be prevalent or deemed necessary for young people in the area. Initiatives are basically a way to help solve problems and create opportunities for young people, with the reasonable assumption that the community as a whole will benefit.

Community youth development can help lift at-risk children out of poverty-stricken lifestyles.

Many community youth development programs and initiatives are tailored to the community, but some are more universal. For example, initiatives that address health and wellness, such as community fitness centers or after-school sports and fitness programs, can be part of every community. On the other hand, areas where crime and youth violence are especially high can develop initiatives to reduce occurrences by introducing programs that encourage participation, personal development and engagement with youth community leaders and volunteers. Many communities employ youth volunteers from area schools to help community leaders identify programs and initiatives that would be beneficial and attractive to youth.

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Ideas for community youth development can be compared to the proverb “it takes a village to raise a child”. Communities that participate in and foster CYD initiatives by building connections between them and youth-based organizations in the region are trying to invest in their youth, with the expectation that the results will result in an increase in future productive members of society. Typically, educators and community leaders must work hand in hand for community youth development initiatives to succeed. Funding is another issue faced by many communities, but sources include local and state money, as well as federal grants, and can occasionally be obtained through private nonprofits and corporate donations.

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