What is word?

It is important that we know the etymological origin of this word that concerns us. In this sense, we can say that it comes from Latin, specifically from “vocabulary”, which is the result of the sum of two components:

-The verb “vocare”, which can be translated as “to call”.

-The suffix “-bulum”, which is used in an instrumental sense.

Vocablo is a term used synonymously with a word. It is a fragment of a speech and the graphic representation of that fragment. For example: “A writer has to look for the exact words to convey what he wants to share with precision”, “I didn’t understand this philosopher’s text: there are many words whose meaning I don’t know”, “Excuse me, professor, I had never heard this word: could you explain what you mean? ”

A speech is made up of several words. The delimitation of each of these words is given by pauses (or, in written texts, by spaces), by accentuation and by meaning. Several words, in turn, can form a sentence, which is another way of segmenting a speech. This same article is formed by a succession of words that, in turn, form sentences. The succession of sentences, on the other hand, gives rise to paragraphs. At this point in the text, this is the fourth paragraph of the note, which begins with the word “This”. All these words, sentences and paragraphs allow the construction of a coherent speech that, taken together, constitutes an article or a note. It is important to note that words can be classified differently according to different criteria. There are nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and pronouns, among other grammatical categories. The number of syllables, the accent and the internal structure are other characteristics that can be considered to classify words. It is interesting that when we study our language, Spanish, in depth, we are not only concerned with determining what type of element each word is (adjective, verb, noun, preposition…) but, in the same way, we are also committed to what the discovery of its etymological origin. And so, among other things, we can remove doubts about their meaning. Likewise, it is important to know that vocabulary is the name given to the entire set of words that make up a language. Precisely for this reason, when studying a language, vocabulary becomes a fundamental part of being able to learn to speak that language and to express oneself through it. There are many ways to learn and assimilate new words through the mentioned vocabulary. Thus, there are those who do it directly from topics (work vocabulary, greetings, at the supermarket, in conversations between friends…) and others who bet on acquiring it from the type they are: verbs, adjectives, nouns, articles , pronouns, prepositions, adverbs…

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Each person will choose to use one method or another to improve the language they have decided to learn.

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