What is wire binding?

Wire binding is a popular binding method for documents such as spiral notebooks and calendars.

Wire binding is a simple and relatively new method of binding documents. Even before Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press in the late 1400s, cultures around the world were binding handwritten texts and creating books for posterity. The process of binding materials has been a cultural mainstay since it was introduced to India before the first century, when religious documents were engraved on palm fronds and tied with string.

Today, there are many different ways to bind books, from the most complex to the simplest. Wire binding is a way of binding books. A popular method for booklets, some spiral notebooks, calendars, and other small readers, wire binding is a binding technique used primarily in North America and is often inexpensive.

To bind a book with thread, the pages must first be punched with a machine similar to a three-hole punch, but with several more holes per inch. Some binding machines make three holes per inch and others make two holes per inch. These are called pitch ratios and are referred to as 2:1 pitch or 3:1 pitch, and the holes drilled can be square, round, or rectangular.

A less common punching method used today is called 19-loop yarn, which was designed to be used with a comb binding machine rather than a wire binding machine. As the company that distributed these 19-loop yarns was purchased, this product was discontinued and no longer used. This type of binding was commonly called spiral binding.

After the pages to be bound are punched, a C-shape spine is inserted into the binding machine and the pages are placed at one end of the C-shape spine. The spine is then closed, forming an O-shaped spine, and the finished product can be removed from the machine. Wire binding allows a publication to be placed completely flat on a table or desk.

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There are several other names by which wired connection is known today. They include wirebind, double loop wire, ring, o-wire, double-o and double loop wire. Machines for personal use can be purchased from online companies or at office supply stores. These machines tend to be manual. Wire binding machines used in larger companies can also be purchased and therefore put to work in greater capacity and quantity, but they are generally electric and run much faster than a typical manual wire binder.

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