What is Widow Peak?

A widow’s peak is a distinctive V-shaped point on a person’s hairline that descends to the forehead.

A widow’s peak is a distinctive hairline formation that has been accompanied by superstitions since at least 1800, according to etymologists. A woman with this trait has a V-shaped spot on her hairline that goes down to her forehead. The same feature in men is aptly called the widow’s peak, although some people still refer to it as the widow’s peak. When a woman with this trait stands in front of a mirror and brushes her hair away from her forehead, she will clearly have a “V” of hair above her forehead.

Origins of Name

The peak of the widow’s hairline is defined by a sharp point in the center of the hairline along the forehead.

There are several explanations for the origin of the term “widow’s peak”, which emerged around the 1830s. Some people believe the term reflects a superstition that women who have this physical trait live longer than their husbands. This superstition may be linked to the fact that as a person ages, the hairline often thins out, making an unusual hairline more prominent or creating the suggestion of a peak in a woman who doesn’t have it.

Another explanation for the origin of the phrase suggests that it may be related to mourning caps worn as early as the 16th century. A mourning cap, also called a Mary Stuart cap, is a cap that features a very distinctive triangular fold of fabric in the middle of the forehead, creating a sort of artificial widow’s peak. People who believe this explanation for the phrase’s origins suggest that people connected the physical aspect with the helmet.

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Despite superstition, a widow’s peak widowhood is not a predictor of how long a spouse will live. It is simply a dominant genetic trait that can be seen in people of all ages and from all backgrounds around the world. In fact, some people find this hairline aesthetically pleasing and may choose to style their hair in a way that emphasizes this genetic trait.

Suitable Hairstyles

There are certain hair styles that can help accentuate or hide a widow’s or widower’s peak. To reduce this type of hairline, the hair can be parted on the side, avoiding a straight cut or parted in the middle. Layered styles that bring the hair forward across the forehead, framing the face can help hide a widow’s peak. Pointy bangs can do this too, and strategic highlights can be good.

To highlight a widow’s peak, cut your hair evenly to shoulder length and no part can be used. A stylist will know which hair styles best suit a specific face shape.

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