What is vote?

Vote (from Latin votum) is the expression of a preference before an option. This expression can be pronounced in public or in secret, depending on the case. The term is also used to designate the ballot, ballot or other object with which this preference is expressed or appears to be explained before an assembly.

For example: “The official candidate won with 62% of the votes”, “Gómez guaranteed that the voting intention shows an irreversible trend”, “My vote is for option A”, “When the senator communicated his negative vote, the crowd burst into applause”, “Indigenous people were pressured not to vote”. The concept of voting is synonymous with suffrage, especially when linked to the electoral system, responsible for determining the provision of public offices. Suffrage, in this sense, is a constitutional and political right that has two dimensions: active suffrage (all people have the right to vote to elect representatives) and passive suffrage (the right to be a candidate to represent the rest of the community). .

It is important to note that there are several types of votes. So, for example, we have the unique, the combined, the alternative, the multiple, the double or the limiting. In recent years, and thanks to the development of technologies and their application to all aspects of the administrative field, the so-called electronic vote was created. This can be defined as one that is accomplished through the use of tools such as the Internet. However, this term is used in the same way to refer to the entire set of technological tools that serve to count the votes of a given ballot. However, we cannot ignore the fact that vote is also the name of different populations that exist across the planet. So, for example, in the Spanish autonomous community of Cantabria there is a municipality called Voto. Located in the north of the region, it has approximately 2,700 inhabitants and is characterized by its charms and attractions as interesting as the Gruta dos Cobrantes, the house of Velasco or the Palace of the Conde de San Carlos. In Costa Rica, in turn, we must emphasize that Votos is the name used to refer to an ancient indigenous people who were the most important in the north. Rama was their language and they had cocoa as their greatest asset. And is that this food became the main resource that they had to exploit as a means of subsistence. Vow also has a meaning linked to religion to name the prayer with which something is asked of God, the offering dedicated to God and the promises that constitute the religious state: “I swear by your speedy recovery”, “The priests make a vow of chastity to consecrate his life to the Lord”, “He sold all his possessions, took a vow of poverty and left for India to live among the poor”.

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