What is volley?

Volleyball is a notion that can be used in many ways. Whether in the male version (volleyball) or the female version (volleyball), the concept is used to name the blow that is applied to something before it touches the surface. This action is common in the field of sports, when a player hits a ball that moves through the air.

Although the first sport that comes to mind when we think of this concept is volleyball, the action of volleyball takes place in many others as long as there is a possibility to hit the ball during flight. For example: “With a volley, the Spanish tennis player defined the game and went to the next stage of the tournament” , “I gave him a volley and scored” , “This morning we were practicing volleys” .

This term also finds meaning in the world of dance, especially in the one originating in Spain, as it serves to refer to the movement that consists of kicking while we are in the air, trying to make the foot reach the greatest possible height. . . The idea of ​​the volley is also used to name the blow that is given with the intention of punishing or punishing someone, or the slap capable of knocking the recipient down: “If you don’t apologize to my friend, I’ll give you a volley! ” , “The man volleyed the boy, who soon burst into tears” , “Did you see the volley the Russian player gave the referee?” . The expression “broadcast”, on the other hand, alludes to that action that is carried out without planning or is carried out spontaneously: “Last night we went to the cinema: we chose a film to show that turned out to be very good”, “My grandfather pressed a broadcast button, so unlucky that it turned off the machine in the process” , “We started walking broadcasting and by chance we arrived at the home team stadium” . Another way of expressing the same idea, in some countries, is “al tun tun” ; Note that the Royal Spanish Academy defines the term tun as “a drum used by the aborigines” or “an ancestral dance invented by the Quiche Indians”. In any case, it is a carefree way of proceeding, which can be very counterproductive in the midst of a delicate procedure. In agriculture and gardening, on the other hand, scattering means tossing the seeds one at a time rather than carefully placing them in the soil. It is common to speak of a crime “in the air” when criminals do not carry out an investigative task before their actions, but rather randomly choose their victim. If a criminal traveling on a motorcycle comes across a man walking with a briefcase and takes it out of his hands, it is a “broadcast robbery”. On the other hand, a gang of kidnappers who study the movements of a businessman and, one night, capture him for ransom, are not acting “in the air”.

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Just as streaming steals require less effort at the setup stage, the reward is also less. It does not seem very likely that you will walk into a bank or luxury residence and obtain a fortune or many valuables without a previous meticulous study of all the fundamental factors, such as the hours when there is less movement, the doors and windows through which it is convenient to entering and exiting the building, and the security methods used by the owners.

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