What is voice command?

The notion of command voice is used to name the authority and leadership power that someone has over their subordinates. Whoever has a voice of command in an entity, can give orders to other people.

Typically, the idea of ​​command voice is used in the military field. In this context, the voice of command is the orders that the superior officer transmits, in writing or orally, to his inferiors. The voice of command can be preventive (to get the subordinate’s attention and anticipate what will be done) or executive (order the action in question). The classic example of a commanding voice in a military organization is as follows: “Attention … stand firm!” . In this case, the superior first issues the preemptive voice command, informing the subordinate that he must be ready to take action. Seconds later, he voices the executive command voice that effectively forces the subordinate to take action. The result of this command voice is that the soldier must stand.

This definition in the military sphere is situated in the context of another concept, that of closed order, which can be defined as the instruction that a commander gives to his subordinates to move within a battlefield, or in another location if a certain situation arises. justify it. such mobilization of the group of soldiers. It is important to emphasize that the change of position refers to the whole as a whole, since the formation itself must be maintained; In other words, it is not a movement that leads them to scatter, but an orderly change of location. The command voices are essential for the closed order, as much as the instructions of an orchestra conductor are for the dozens of musicians who can be part of it to follow a thread and play their instruments all at the same speed, following the same rhythm. . Not everyone has the ability to assume a role like this: transmitting the voices of command is not as simple as repeating previously memorized phrases for each type of situation, but it requires a natural predisposition to leadership and an impetus that only a few can implement. Among the cases in which the people can witness the functioning and dynamics of the voice of command are the typical parades of events intended to commemorate a war or the declaration of independence of a country. Far from being a simple choreography for aesthetic purposes, the level of synchrony pursued by the closed order through the command voice has as main objective to prepare soldiers to act in a coordinated way on the battlefield, teaching them to react quickly and effectively to the to receive. a way to guarantee the safety of the entire team and the success of the different strategies.

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In colloquial language, the concept of command voice is associated with who has the ability to give instructions. As in the army, the commanding voice in this sense also implies a way of being that inspires respect; It is not enough to occupy an important position to make someone else respond to your orders. Let’s see some examples in this context: “As soon as he entered the field, the experienced defender took over the command voice and started to indicate to his teammates where they should be located”, “Daughter, in the future I will give you the command voice of this company, but I want you to be prepared to take responsibility. ” Voice of command, in short, is the name of a musical band of Mexican origin.

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