What is vocation?

Vocation is the inclination towards any state, career or profession. The term comes from the Latin vocatio and, for the religious, it is the inspiration with which God calls some state. That is why the concept is also used as a synonym for call or summons.

On a general level, vocation appears related to desires and what is inspiring for each discipline. The vocation must correspond to the person’s tastes, interests and abilities. Vocation is associated with choosing a path. A continuous construction The vocation is also considered as a process that develops throughout life, as long as it is built on a permanent basis. It involves finding out who I am, how I am and where I want to go. The answers to these questions will mark the vocation and the way forward for the individual.

At the end of high school, every human being starts to act according to his vocation. Choosing a professional career or a job, for example, usually responds to vocation. In many educational centers, they have the help of vocational counselors, who, through a series of tests and lectures, try to make teenagers follow a path that satisfies them when they complete their compulsory studies. However, the process of discovering one’s vocation is very complex and is not the same for all people. There are those who believe that they have always known that they feel a strong bond with a particular discipline, and this is in contrast to people who arrive in the middle of life and ask themselves what they did and why. Professional guidance tends to fail more times than it succeeds, as it is based on a closed recipe, which ignores the fundamental aspects of each person, and which aims to find an answer in the shortest possible time. Vocation and work In the real world, outside of the exams and euphoria of those who feel fortunate to be able to pursue a university degree after high school, most people express that their work does not represent their vocation, but that they chose that particular path because their parents were in the same profession, or because they didn’t know what to study and listened to a vocational counselor. Music can be a vocation. In general, those who tend to be clear about their mission on this planet are artists, and this explains why the concept of vocation is so closely linked to art. The question is, then, why? Why is a singer who sits on a boardwalk with his guitar and lives off coins kindly donated by passers-by more satisfied than an accountant who earns enough to support his partner and three children?

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It is likely that the answer lies in how much each individual has delved into their past, into their roots, into the reasons for each aspect of their personality, to study their needs, what makes them happy, as well as to defend themselves. than threatens to tear down everything you’ve built. The vocation must be the one that fulfills us, that gives each cell of our body an insurmountable sensation, an activity that in doing so makes us feel that we don’t need anything else. Comparing this with the pace of life we ‚Äč‚Äčlive today and with the growing tendency of people to cover up problems with noise and money, it is understood that very few heard that call and even fewer answered it. And this last point leads us to understand that the vocation requires a lot of work so that it does not become a waste of energy; Knowing that medicine is the reason for my life is the beginning, and it will only make sense if I dedicate each day to studying and becoming a more experienced and qualified professional, with enough tools to make my person a really useful person.

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