What is virility?

Virility, which comes from the Latin word virilĭtas, is the condition of being virile. This term is used to designate what is linked to the masculine (in the sense of a human being belonging to the masculine gender).

The stage at which a man has reached all the vigor that can be acquired is known as masculinity and has not yet begun to lose it. A subject of masculinity, therefore, is capable of reproducing and developing different types of activities that involve the use of physical force. The idea of ​​virility, by extension, is often associated with this strength or energy of a young man. It is also linked to the characteristics that are usually attributed to men: a certain physical appearance, a way of dressing, certain interests, etc.

The virility of a young man who wears pink clothes, is a fan of melodic singers, likes romantic movies and hates football may be questioned by his neighbors or acquaintances. Out of prejudice, those who are close to him may think that the boy is homosexual. Regardless of whether the statement is correct or not, it’s important to remember that being manly doesn’t have to be tied to sexual orientation. A homosexual man may have more strength or energy than a heterosexual man, to name one case. In any case, when virility is associated with the typical qualities or characteristics of men, it is linked to short hair, the abundance of body hair and a deep voice, among other issues generally related to heterosexual men. Speaking specifically of intercourse, the strength that a man shows during intercourse is known as virile potency, his ability to maintain an erection and to satisfy his partner with his virile member, that is, with his penis. Although this property is different in each individual, it is expected to peak during adolescence and youth, and to decrease as a man approaches 50 years of age. It is important to emphasize that virility, like virility in general, is not simply something that we carry in our genes and that we must accept without further ado, but that there are a large number of factors that directly or indirectly influence such strength and performance. a man’s sexuality. Food comes first, and it should not surprise us, as it is one of the main sources of our livelihood, as well as oxygen: eating too much, too little or ingesting products harmful to health can be a lot. harmful in this regard. It is known that excess weight affects our agility and our physical resistance and, in the same way, the performance in sexual intercourse suffers the consequences of this disorder.

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While achieving a balanced diet is not an easy task, as it requires deep commitment and constant perseverance, the benefits are so great that the effort is amply rewarded. On the other hand, we must not forget the need to drink a good amount of water a day to keep the body clean. Rest is also essential for the proper functioning of our body. If we sleep the recommended amount of hours for our age, we will perform better in all aspects of our daily life, and our virility will also increase. Anyone, regardless of gender, who wants to lead a full life should stay away from addictions, and in this case, products like tobacco and alcohol are two of the worst as they have a negative impact on physical health. virility.

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