What is virile?

To begin to discover the meaning of the term virile, the first thing to do is to know its etymological origin. In this sense, we must say that it derives from Latin, as it results from the sum of two different components:

-The noun “varus” – “manly”, which can be translated as “manly” or “male”.

-The suffix “-il”, which is used to indicate quality or possibility.

Manly is the one linked to the masculine: the human being whose gender is masculine. Manly, therefore, is associated with male characteristics (as opposed to female) and what is strong, consistent, or courageous. For example: “This perfume has a masculine fragrance that feels distant and persists over time”, “The Selection was in second place in the men’s branch, while in the women’s category it was in eighth place”, “For the first time in history, the traditional Pan-American championship will feature men’s hockey”.

This adjective is usually used when it is intended to highlight the particularities of a person typical of the masculine gender. Suppose a man has a very deep and deep voice: you can say that his voice is male. This is because the female voice is usually high pitched. In the same vein, someone with masculine features may have a prominent mustache, beard and eyebrows, a broad back, and heavily muscled arms. Although over time what is considered virile has evolved and changed, we cannot deny that there are a number of traits that have been determined and that even today for some determine how a virile man should be or behave. By this we are referring to features like these:

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-It is established that he has to be gentlemanly with women, performing actions such as opening the door for them to pass or getting up from the chair when the woman he is eating with has to go to the bathroom.

-It must smell good.

-It has to be someone who cares about his family and his partner, whom he defends above all and everyone else. However, to these qualities, as we have mentioned in recent years, others have been added. Thus, someone is considered virile if, in addition to what is indicated:

-It was worship.

-He doesn’t hesitate to take care of his appearance, so he exercises often.

-She knows how to cook and surprises her companion in that sense.

-Collaborate with household chores.

-He has no problem admitting that another man is handsome. In the field of sport, the idea of ​​virile is often used to refer to the disciplines in which men compete. This distinction is necessary when the same sport is played by men and women. If a journalist needs to talk about the Wimbledon tennis tournament, he can distinguish between the men’s and women’s competition. In turn, a club can have a men’s or men’s soccer team and a women’s soccer team.

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