What is VIP?

VIP is an acronym that comes from the English language and means very important person (“Very important person”). This concept is part of the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) as VIP.

A VIP or vip person, therefore, is one who, being considered socially relevant, receives special treatment in certain public places. This allows you to access various privileges and benefits that are not enjoyed by ordinary people. For example: “VIP passengers have a special waiting room available, with free soft drinks and lunch service” , “My husband works in a VIP club that grants membership only to those who occupy hierarchical positions in large companies” , ” to the VIP room, where you will be much more comfortable”.

The VIP qualifier is often applied to certain personalities, such as businessmen, politicians, artists or athletes, who require special attention. These exclusive services are justified by the fame, celebrity or money of the character in question. Normally, belonging to the VIP group provides access to reserved areas, such as special airport lounges with additional and exclusive services. VIP passengers, therefore, can wait for their planes in a different location from the one used by other passengers. Airports are perhaps the places where normal and VIP services are most contrasted, since flying by plane is one of the most common activities of the human being today, both for lower-middle class people and for the rich and famous, although the latter usually travel with their own vehicles. Special treatment before and during a plane trip is mainly characterized by the availability of isolated spaces and access to exclusive products. First of all, airport lounges usually include a buffet with a wide variety of food items to liven up the wait for the flight. In addition, they offer their customers a space of comfort and tranquility, ideal for those who need to continue their work activities or simply want to read the news and relax to stand up after the trip and fulfill their obligations (let’s not forget that many people travel for work reasons, such as meetings or congresses). On the other hand, bathrooms in VIP lounges usually include hot showers and, in many cases, heating and lighting are carried out with ecologically correct systems, which presupposes the use of energy-saving lamps and shared air conditioning and water networks. In these cases, televisions, newspapers, magazines and spaces dedicated to the use and charging of laptops and other mobile devices can be considered obvious.

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To complement the amenities and services, many airports pride themselves on furniture and decor by leading international designers; This, while it may not matter to many people, gives them a certain level compared to other people, who seek exclusivity in every possible way. In summary, airport lounges offer services that aim to improve the pre-flight experience, and combine the necessary facilities to relax with a variety of drinks and food, free wireless Internet, sockets for charging portable devices, varied reading material, bathrooms with showers and various entertainment options. Known as a VIP pass, on the other hand, at the entrance they deliver clubs, bars and other places to those people who consider them very important. The VIP entrance allows free admission to restricted areas within the facilities.

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