What is vigor?

In Latin, this is where we can establish the etymological origin of the term vigor, which concerns us now. Specifically, it emanates from the sum of two clearly delimited parts: the verb to endure, which can be translated as “being in full life”, and the suffix – or , which equates to “result”.

Stamina is remarkable strength or activity. Something that is done with vigor is done with a special impetus. Vigorous people are those who have a lot of energy or act with determination. For example: “Defendant vigorously defended himself in court”, “Bobby is an old dog, he no longer has the stamina he used to have”, “If you want to have more stamina, you must implement a healthier diet”, “I am amazed at the vigor that the grandfather still has at 92 years old”.

Another use of the term is related to the duration of styles or customs, and the binding force in laws and ordinances: “The measure will come into force as of its publication in the Official Gazette”, “Sorry, but the aforementioned coupon is no longer valid” , “I have to rush to buy the tickets so I take advantage of the fact that the promotion is still in effect”. In the legislative sphere, as we can see thanks to this meaning, the term vigor acquires great value, as it is the one who dictates when some law or regulation begins to work. Thus, for example, we find the Civil Code of Spain, where it is clear that the laws will enter into force twenty days after their corresponding publication in the BOE (Official State Gazette). The energetic intonation or expression in literary or artistic works is also known as vigor: “I will kill that man! – López exclaimed vigorously just before drawing his pistol and shooting. ” Stamina is also related to sexual potency and a man’s ability to satisfy his partner and maintain frequent or long-term relationships. Lack of vigor, in this sense, is associated with a problem of masculinity. Excess weight, a significant level of stress at work, a stage of sentimental or emotional problems, disorders such as depression or the intake of certain medications, which act as a treatment for other pathologies, are some of the most frequent causes that lead men to the loss of the sexual vigor you once had. However, the couple’s monotony or the lack of any kind of sexual expectation with whom they relate also become common causes. There are several medicines and natural products that help to increase stamina. So, for example, among the ecological and natural remedies that exist to make men recover, maintain or increase their sexual vigor would be pollen and also honey. All this without forgetting watermelon, which, thanks to its high concentration of citrulline, has become the natural alternative to the well-known Viagra.

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