What is viewfinder?

Viewer is the name given to the device that allows you to focus a camera for photos or define the aim of a firearm. For example: “Look at the viewfinder if all the models in the image appear” , “I didn’t have time to look at the viewfinder: I just took the camera and started shooting” , “The shooter was motionless for two hours, looking through the viewfinder with the finger on the trigger”.

In the field of photography, the viewfinder contributes to framing the field of view. It is a frame or screen that the photographer can observe to get an approximation of the result of the photo.

Cameras can have an electronic viewfinder a screen a reflex viewfinder an optical viewfinder or viewfinder frame. Digital cameras, very popular since the arrival of the 21st century, usually have an electronic viewfinder, which is a screen that shows the photo. Of course, it should not be forgotten that helmets used for riding a motorcycle also have a visor. Its main function is, in addition to allowing the driver to see, to ensure that their eyes are not damaged for any reason. That is, it prevents them from affecting dust particles to insects through any other adverse element. Precisely because of the important function it performs, it is essential to keep the display in perfect condition. And that means both washing it frequently, with soap and water, and avoiding leaving it anywhere on the helmet to avoid scratches. By extension, it is known as a viewer of various devices that, in home appliances and other machines, display information of interest to the user. The display of a microwave oven, to cite one case, can show the time, cooking time and power. In the field of weapons, the idea of ​​scope is linked to the concept of a crosshair: a piece that serves to refine the aim. There are weapons that have a telescopic sight to increase the size of the objective that is focused, a feature that helps the shooter to have greater accuracy at long distances. Likewise, we cannot ignore the existence of Visor Libros, which is the name of a publishing house with more than four decades of work. It is an entity specialized in poetry and has collections as important as those that revolve around the Nobel Prize winner Juan Ramón Jiménez or Mario Benedetti, among others. In addition, we must point out the existence of what is called a cartographic viewer. Basically we can say that it is a web resource that exists in Spain and that is responsible for providing data related to the Urban Information System (SIU). Thanks to it, any citizen can access those that concern maps of the country in different areas and at different levels.

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