What is video clip?

A music video or music video is a short film, usually musical, made up of short and often disconnected sequences. The concept can be associated with the music video (which bands and singers create to broadcast a song) or short videos that circulate on the internet (on sites such as YouTube).

In the first case, the Beatles would be the first group to create a music video. As they could not watch all the television programs they were invited to, in 1966 they decided to produce videos to accompany the music of the songs “Paperback writer” and “Rain” and forward them to the programs. In any case, there was already a history of this type of music video, including the tango with Carlos Gardel.

Over time, music videos evolved into a genre of art in their own right, with cinematic quality. Artists such as Michael Jackson, Madonna and Marilyn Manson have made music videos with performances, special effects and elaborate scripts. Despite the efforts of artists like the ones mentioned above to make this format an extension of their songs, meticulously crafted content to complement the experience of listening to their albums, the quality of music videos has declined considerably in recent years, to make me play with low demand. of the public with regard to the level of famous artists. Nowadays, to create a successful music video, it is enough to combine a series of well-defined sexist elements with a clear incitement to the use of illegal substances and the avoidance of social responsibilities. Gone are the 14-minute productions like “Thriller”; Consumers ask for nothing more than physically attractive characters, dressed provocatively and in situations of highly questionable morality. As for the video clip as a short video (even more than short films), its existence has developed with the emergence of the Internet and the technological limitations for audio and video transmission and file hosting. Gradually, in addition to technical advances in this regard, video clips have become one of the main attractions of the Internet, with users seeking information or entertainment in videos of a few minutes. The possibility that the Internet offers any user to become a content producer means that there are millions of video clips of the most varied topics, from family to humor, going through news, and many people have made this new trend their only source of income.

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When talking about video clips, one cannot ignore the name YouTube, the most important platform for distributing audiovisual content around the world. There, art joins leisure, millionaire productions with independent efforts to make a space for themselves on the Internet; On YouTube you can enjoy the latest movies, music videos from internationally renowned bands and soloists, comedy shows by new artists and vlogs, among other types of content. Humor and music have a privileged space on YouTube’s servers; Since its launch, a multitude of comedians, singers, instrumentalists and composers have managed to emerge from anonymity thanks to the priceless promotion they have obtained by publishing their video clips on this platform. The integration of banners that are automatically inserted into videos makes it possible to earn money simply by producing video clips regularly. The trick is getting a large number of views, and this is where the ability to generate compelling content comes into play and, more importantly, give it an effective and impactful headline. The most important thing when creating a music video, as with a written article, is to find a topic that remains interesting despite the passage of time.

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