What is version?

Version, from the Latin versum, is the way in which each subject must do something or refer to the same event. For example: “I will give you a taste of my version of tiramisu: I do this by modifying the traditional recipe” , “The version of the facts narrated by the defendant differs from that pronounced by the witnesses” , “The mayor assured that he never heard the printed version ”.

The concept is also used to name the forms taken by the interpretation of a theme, the text of a work, etc. : “I don’t like this artist’s version of ‘Cambalache’” , “The playwright has presented a free version of the classic Greek tragedy” , “The director is working on a new version of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic that promises to generate great controversy ”.

Within the universe of the seventh art, in addition to the meaning already exposed, it is important to establish that the term version is used very often. So, for example, when we go to see a movie in any cinema, we find that sometimes the billboard informs us that a movie is in the original version. What that means is that the feature film was not dubbed. So, if it was made in the United States, it will be in English, while if it’s a French production, it will be in French and that’s how it will be seen in the cinema. However, in these cases another possibility also arises, as it can also indicate that it is being projected in the original version with subtitles. This could indicate two things: that the film in the language that was recorded includes subtitles, or that these subtitles are presented as a translation in the language of the country in which it is being shown. In addition to all this, we must point out that in Spain there is a very important television program related to the cinematographic theme. We are referring to the “Version in Spanish” space, which is broadcast on La 2. Actress and journalist Cayetana Guillén Cuervo is the presenter of this one, whose clear objective is to promote cinema made in Spanish and specifically in Spain. For this reason, the weekly programming of a film with these characteristics is carried out and, in addition, the director, producer or actors of the same are counted on the set. A software version is a number or name assigned to a computer program to indicate its level of development and update. The usual thing is that the versioning is given by two numbers, separated by a period. The first number is the largest (or largest, in English), while the second is the smallest (smallest). The largest is modified when there are major changes or qualitative leaps in development, and the smallest varies with the smallest changes or corrections. Thus, software version 1.3 refers to the first major version of a computer program that already has three minor modifications. It is possible that the next development will be version 1.4 or if it is a major modification it will be renamed to 2.1 .

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