What is vericueto?

Vericueto is a place that is very difficult to access or difficult to navigate. The concept can be used in a physical or symbolic sense, linking to nooks and crannies that are not easily seen.

As for its etymology, we are faced with a particular case of lack of information to deduce it: on the one hand, the most important dictionaries hardly give vague clues about the origin of the term, which can be seen by the way they elaborate its definition; on the other hand, language scholars cannot find a precise and definitive source, which is why different possible paths are opened up.

For example: “There are lawyers who are always looking for legal avenues to free criminals”, “The authorities must fumigate all public roads in the city to prevent the plague from continuing to spread”, “We are stuck in a bureaucratic loophole and nobody offers a solution ” . It is common for the notion of byway to be used in the legal sphere. There is talk of twists and turns when someone looks for or finds some rule or ordinance of little importance to modify the scope of another law of greater social importance. Suppose that, by law, a government is prohibited from carrying out public works without opening bids. One ruler, however, discovers a legal loophole: a century-old regulation allows public works to be carried out directly when “the well-being of the nation is at risk”. The leader, therefore, alludes to said rule to continue with his initiative. Legal twists are features that often make the difference between the success and failure of large projects. Often, the result of months or years of work is threatened by issues that cannot be changed overnight, as they respond to complex legal structures. However, this complexity causes cracks, elements that have not been properly reviewed over the years and that contradict the most significant, with recent changes that block the taking of certain decisions. Finding and knowing how to take advantage of a legal turnaround is nobody’s virtue: it is not enough to have studied law, but it requires a special intuition, an unusual insight. On the other hand, luck also plays a key role in these cases, so there are interesting situations of “being in the right place at the right time”. Of course, the shortcut doesn’t always open the door to well-intentioned projects or actions: more than one complaint has been canceled by misspellings of the accused’s name, and this represents a basic example of how to take advantage of certain rules to avoid a legal problem, although it is a legitimate accusation.

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A turnaround is also considered a crossroads or a mess. A man must pay 500 pesos to the electricity company before 6 am or they will cut off his supply. The person does not have the money on hand, although a contractor owes him a payment. With less than an hour before the deadline to pay off his debt, the matter takes a turn: he hesitates between going to demand payment from the debtor, asking for an unlikely extension of the company or looking for someone to lend him the money. In this last example, we can see the difficulty referred to in the objective sense of the term vericueto: “rough, narrow and tortuous path, usually elevated, where it is not easy to move”, or “rough and rugged place, through which it is only possible to walk with difficulty ».

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