What is veiled?

The Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), in its dictionary, defines the term veiled as the wife or husband who has legitimacy. This use of the concept, however, is not very common in everyday language.

More common is the meaning of velar as a conjugation of the verb velar which, in turn, also has several meanings. One of them indicates that the observation is accompanying a deceased person as a farewell. The veiled subject, in this sense, is being honored by his loved ones. For example: “The popular singer will wear a veil in the National Congress”, “When my father was veiled, we all attended except my uncle, since he could not bear the guilt of having survived the accident”, “According to what was reported by his family, the murdered person will be veiled in a funeral home in the San Jorge neighborhood and later will be buried in the Municipal Cemetery”.

A wake (also called a wake or wake in some countries) is a meeting where all individuals close to a deceased person accompany their body for a few hours before it is cremated or buried. It is worth mentioning that not all human beings are veiled with a present body; in some cases, the deceased is in a different room from the meeting room, or even in another building or geographic region, depending on the circumstances. This custom is not accepted by all; there are people who don’t want to be veiled, just as some don’t want to be buried. Death is an unavoidable subject, but very difficult to deal with in many cultures, especially Western ones, where it tends to cause a lot of suffering to mention, but there are those who take it for granted and refuse to participate in any celebration of a spiritual nature. Likewise, some believe that veiling a deceased represents a lack of respect, an unnecessary exposure of their remains, which should be buried or cremated. Watching can also be the act of protecting or caring. In this way, the idea of ​​the veil can be associated with this meaning: “Mr. Martínez has guaranteed the well-being of his employees throughout his life” , “The judge considered that the parents did not guarantee the child’s interests”, “We always look out for the president’s safety”. In this sense, we can find several meanings in the RAE dictionary, such as: “watching at night”, “taking care of a patient while he sleeps”, “watching something carefully”.

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If one person is looking out for another person’s interests, chances are they share them, have genuine feelings for them, and really want to help them. Of course, when this is transferred to the field of companies and their customers, there are always self-interests, focused on the perception of monetary benefits. Another meaning of the term veiled refers to information that has been “covered” by someone to prevent others from accessing it; on the contrary, it is possible to “reveal” such information, that is, to show it to those who could not see it before. In the scope of analog photography, a film is veiled when it is exposed to light inappropriately and, therefore, completely or partially loses the images . Before the popularity of digital cameras, this unfortunate incident was very common when removing film from the camera without taking care to rewind it. Velado, on the other hand, is a very frequent surname in Spanish-speaking countries. In this context, we can name Oscar Velado, a Spanish actor born in 1978 with extensive experience in theater and television. In addition, mention can be made of Oswaldo Escobar Velado (1919-1961), a prominent lawyer, journalist and writer from El Salvador.

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