What is vehicle?

A vehicle is a machine that allows you to move from one place to another. Vehicles can transport not only people, but also animals, plants and any type of object.

Etymologically, we can say that it is a word that derives from Latin, specifically from “Vehicle”, which can be translated as “means of transport”. However, this word in turn is the result of the sum of two clearly differentiated parts: the verb “vehere”, which is synonymous with “carry”, and the suffix “-culum”, which is used to indicate an instrument. For example: “We need a vehicle to take the boxes to Pablo’s house”, “The bandits were traveling in a dark-colored vehicle, which they parked two blocks away from the place”, “The projectile hit a vehicle that was passing close to the Stadium ” .

Cars, trucks, trucks, quadricycles and motorcycles are motor vehicles: mobilizers for the action of an engine that runs on any type of fuel, such as gasoline or diesel. Other vehicles, such as bicycles, require physical effort from the user to get around. There are also vehicles for collective passenger transport: trains, subways, planes, cruise ships, etc. As you can see by looking at these examples, vehicles move on land, water or air depending on each case. There are even vehicles that move beyond Earth’s atmosphere, such as spacecraft. There are many other vehicle classifications that deserve to be considered, among which the following stand out:

-When it comes to those that circulate through the air, there are three fundamental modalities: those that have an engine, such as the airplane; those who go to reaction, like the rocket; or they are made of propellers, as would be the case with the helicopter.

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– In the case of marine vehicles, there are two large groups: the submerged, which are submerged as would be the case with the submarine; and those that move in the water. In this last group there is a wide variety of options, such as the catamaran, the yacht, the ship, the jet ski, the canoe, the ocean liner, the fishing boat…

-Land vehicles, those that travel on “firm ground”, are classified into three large groups: those that travel on firm ground, as would be the case with the car or scooter; those that run on rails, such as the train, subway or tram; and those traveling on unconditioned land. In this last group are mountain bikes or what would become SUVs and tanks. It is important to note that, in a broader sense, anything that allows something to be transmitted or transported, including symbolic or abstract things, is termed a vehicle. TV, Radio and newspapers are information vehicles: they allow information to reach different places.

In addition, it can be said that a rodent is a vehicle for diseases, as it has the ability to transmit certain diseases to humans (such as leptospirosis or hantavirus).

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