What is valve?

Valve comes from the Latin word valvŭla, which is the diminutive of the term valve (i.e. “door”). A valve is called a device that allows the regulation or control of a certain flow of gases, liquids or other substances.

By means of a valve, it is possible to allow or stop the passage of something thanks to a part that moves to release or block a conduit. Industrial valves are those that are used in machinery, such as a gate valve, a valve seat or valve, among others.

Within the industrial field we have to say that the so-called ball valves play a fundamental role. They have a long list of perks and relevant identity signs that have made them a reference. They are as follows:

-They are very easy to open and close as you just have to move the handle which are about 90 degrees in one direction or another.

-They offer long durability.

-They dramatically decrease the risk that a leak could occur. However, there are also so-called globe valves. They are usually found very commonly in flow controls, have the shape of an “S” and have the particularity of allowing a greater pressure drop than in other types of valves. A safety valve is one that acts if a fluid exceeds the pressure level considered adequate, preventing the system from exploding due to excess pressure. The purpose of these valves, therefore, is to relieve pressure. In the context of anatomy, the fold in a membrane that prevents fluids flowing through the body’s vessels from accumulating is called a valve. The heart valves, in this structure, allow blood not to flow in the opposite direction as it leaves the heart. These valves cause the blood to be momentarily held in a chamber of the heart and then, through contractions of the organ, it is pumped to the place where it belongs. If heart valves were not present, each contraction would cause blood to return through the same tube and irrigation of the entire organism could not be performed. The heart has four valves: the pulmonic valve, the aortic sigmoid valve, the tricuspid valve, and the bicuspid valve. Disturbances in the functioning of valves known as valves. In addition to all this, we cannot forget that the word in question is also used colloquially with another meaning. We are referring to the expression escape valve that is used to refer to those “tools” or resources that a person has to be able to release the stress, worry or anguish that plagues them.

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In this way, for example, we find that there are individuals whose outlets have to forget about their problems or the tension they accumulate, for example, with work, whether it is cycling, climbing, fishing, walking, music or practicing. of any group activity you like.

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