What is Valencia?

The term identified as valence has several meanings. From the point of view of chemistry, for example, valence is the word that identifies the figure that gives an account of the possibilities of combination that an atom has in relation to others to arrive at a compound. It is a measure related to the amount of chemical bonds established by the atoms of a chemical element.

There are different types of valence. The maximum positive valence is the positive digit that reflects the greatest combining ability of an atom and that is equal to the group it corresponds to in the Periodic Table of Elements. The negative valence is the negative digit that shows the possibilities of the atom to combine with another that presents itself with positive valence.

In biology, valence is the ability of an antibody to combine with an antigen. For psychology, valence is responsible for the attraction (positive valence) or aversion (negative valence) that a certain object or situation causes. The concept is also used to classify emotions. Fear, sadness, and anger, for example, have a negative valence, while joy or enthusiasm have a positive valence. When there is a conflict between positive and negative valences, we speak of ambivalence. Valencia is also the capital of the Valencian Community and the third largest Spanish city in terms of population. It was founded in 138 BC and is located on the banks of the Turia River. Valencia Football Club, in short, is a club that competes in the First Division of Spain and is the fifth national in terms of titles won. Feria de Valencia Feria Valencia is the name given to the first Spanish fair organization, and was founded in 1917 in Benim├ínet, Valencia. The size of its property ranks it fourth internationally, from highest to lowest. Every year, it hosts more than a hundred events that allow entrepreneurs from different sectors to hold exhibitions, promote their products and services, in order to contribute to the expansion of their businesses and continue to collaborate with the country’s economic growth. . It is worth mentioning that this is a non-profit association, although this does not mean that there is no generation of money at each event; per year, both the exhibitors with their sales and the third-party companies that collaborate in the cleaning, feeding and assembly tasks, produce more than one billion euros.

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The key to the success of this institution lies in the fact that it helps to maintain the different enterprises in the country, offering professionals the opportunity to meet their potential customers, learn about the advantages of their benefits and close deals based on trust. Who tests a product before buying it. Tourism plays an important role, as a significant percentage of the public who attend Feria Valencia year after year are foreigners who visit the Spanish city; some seek it out of curiosity while enjoying their vacation, and others do it on purpose, with the aim of making investments. On the other hand, it has a strategic location, with easy access from the main points of the city, such as the maritime port and the air port; Getting to the Feria is easy for both locals and those who visit it from any part of the world. In addition, there is an updated website and easy to navigate, which allows you to organize an event, consult its position on the map and view the facilities in a complete and dynamic virtual model.

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