What is vain?

To begin to investigate the establishment of the meaning of the term vain, we must first discover its etymological origin. In this sense, we can say that it is a word that derives from the Latin adjective “vanus”, which can be translated as “empty”.

It is an adjective that can be used with different meanings depending on the context. Something qualified as vain may lack substance, core, support or foundation. For example: “The president made a vain speech, which does not provide useful data” , “I am tired of hearing empty messages and without content on television” , “The new architect presented me with a vain project, impossible to support . ”

The adjective can also be applied to what is insignificant, useless, or useless: “The bird made some vain attempts to try to escape the trap, but finally got tired”, “Lifting a few bottles from the beach may seem like vain work, although any contribution to the environmental struggle, no matter how small, is important”, “It is a vain effort, but I feel I must do it. When something is done that does not achieve the expected effect or does not allow the desired result to be achieved, it is often said that it is an action “in vain” : “The woman asked for help in vain because no one came to help her ”, ” Manu Ginobili’s 27 points were in vain because his team fell into overtime”, “The television channel made a millionaire offer to the actor in vain, which he did not accept because he had planned to take a gap year. ” In the religious sphere, the term in question occupies an important place, as it appears in what is the second of the ten commandments of the Catholic religion. We are referring to the one who says, “Thou shalt not take the name of God in vain,” which means that the name of God must not be used in phrases or exclamations that are not to honor him. In architecture, finally, it is called a hollow space that interrupts a solid surface: “The castle is almost destroyed, but the doors and windows can still be seen”. In Mesopotamia, it seems that the origin of this architectural element can already be found, which can be of very different types, depending on the form they take. Thus, they can be found from rhomboid to circular, among others. Likewise, we cannot forget the existence of what is known as an electrical span. It is a term that refers to the separation that must exist between which are the different conductors that exist in the seating of a transmission in high and medium voltage. That is, the distance between the support and the support.

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In addition, there is also what is called the engine compartment, which refers precisely to the hole or space in which the engine is placed and which is under the hood.

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