What is Vademecum?

The notion of vademecum comes from two Latin words: vade and mecum. The etymology of the term thus refers to the expression “come with me”. A form is an easily portable publication that collects essential data about a subject.

For example: “I will consult the form to find out exactly which components this medicine has”, “I always carry a mechanic’s form in my car: to be able to solve small damages that occur in the vehicle”, “This book was in the vademecum of the kitchen all over the world”. a generation”. In a vademecum, the most important information and concepts of a topic are presented. Suppose a book summarizes the main ideas of a political movement: this work can be said to be the vademecum of the party or current in question.

The most common use of the notion, however, is associated with the publication used by doctors to access information about medicines. In the form you will find the components, the recommended dosage, the contraindications and the effects of the drugs. In this way, the form is of great help when prescribing a medicine. Today there are many spaces on the web that act as pharmacological formulations not only for doctors, but also for veterinarians. What’s more, you need to know that there are even web applications that these professionals can have installed on their cell phones or tablets so they can consult them and ask questions at any time. Likewise, for example, herbal medicine specialists also have their own form. In their specific case, what they find is a wide range of medicinal plants that they can use in the treatment of patients who have been entrusted to them or in a complementary way to the so-called “traditional medicine”. Thus, the professionals of the same have at their disposal from archives of the mentioned plant species to the methods of use and preparation of the same, what they are used for, photographs and also establishments where they can be acquired already prepared. This without forgetting the different names they have, the therapeutic value they have or the best way to use them. The list of medicines recognized by a social service is also called a form. This means that these drugs are those covered by social service (and therefore are delivered to the member at no cost or at a discount). Currently, the form is often scanned. This makes drug searches easier. It is also interesting to know that there is a radio program in Spain called “Vademecum”. It is broadcast by Rádio 5 (RTVE), is weekly and aims to resolve the numerous doubts that listeners have in terms of health. Information that is offered closely, so that it is understandable, and that is provided by its presenter, who is none other than Luis Lapuente.

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