What is urgency?

From the Latin urgentĭa, urgency refers to the quality of urgent (which asks for, asks for, or requires immediate attention). An emergency is something that must be dealt with immediately. For example: “Please help me, I have an emergency: my son just hit his head on the floor”, “I would like to talk to you, but I have to go to the office urgently or my boss will fire me” , “I have to go to the bathroom urgently or I will have an accident”.

An emergency involves a pressing need or situation that requires immediate attention. The concept is often associated with ill health: when a person is at risk of death, they face an emergency (and doctors must respond quickly). On the other hand, if the health problem does not require immediate attention, the situation changes.

The distinction between the two cases is easy to understand. A person who is hit by a car and sustains a head injury requires urgent medical attention (every minute that goes by without attention increases the risk of death). On the other hand, if a person is hit by a bicycle and suffers only a scratch on their knee, they are not facing an emergency, even if they need some kind of medical attention. Precisely from this point of view, we must emphasize that in the different hospitals there is an emergency area, where all patients are treated, both at the time of damage or pathology, and due to the seriousness of the situation. indeed, they need medical attention outside of what would be consultation services. Precisely one of the most important television series of the last decades is “Emergencies”. It was an American production that aired from 1994 to 2009 and that came to tell how you work day to day in the emergency area of ​​a Chicago hospital. The imaginary General Hospital of the Municipality was precisely the scenario where the plots of this television space unfolded, which allowed us to learn from the most singular diseases to the problems of current medicine, passing through the lives of patients and the doctors and nurses who worked there. The famous actor George Clooney was one of the protagonists of this series that gave him the great impetus and projection that his career needed. In addition to all this, we must emphasize that there is also what is known as emergency contraception. This, as its name suggests, is one that is taken after sexual intercourse and is considered risky because it may have caused the woman to become pregnant. A clear example of this would be the so-called morning-after pill. Emergency decrees are those enacted, as the name suggests, for reasons of urgency. These norms, sanctioned by the Executive Power, have the validity of law, although they must be approved by the Legislative Power to remain in force.

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