What is Union?

Linkage comes from the Latin linktĭo and refers to the action and effect of linking (tying something to another, perpetuating something, subjecting one’s behavior to that of another, holding, protecting).

For example: “We didn’t find any connection between the accused and the victim”, “I managed to get into the company thanks to my father’s connection with the manager”, “Pedro gets free tickets for all concerts as he has a connection with the theater” . The relationship can be associated with the relationship, association or union. Two people or things are linked when they share some kind of connection and there is something in common. Some links are symbolic or spiritual, while others are constituted by material means.

A man can have an emotional bond with a friend who lives in another country, thousands of miles away. These people do not need to meet or see each other in person for the link to exist. On the other hand, that same man may not have a relationship with another person who lives close to his house. This means that bonding sometimes has nothing to do with closeness or physical contact. In this specific case, it should be noted, for example, that at the time of the police investigation of a crime, those responsible for the matter carry out an in-depth study of each of the existing links between the people involved. They do so with the clear objective of being able to find the culprits and discover what led them to commit such an act. In addition to all this, it must be established that during the Middle Ages a term and a situation developed that was called the property bond process. With it, what was achieved is that some land or specific goods were always associated with a family, as they would be passed from generation to generation by all its members. In this way, what was achieved was not only that they always remained within a specific family nucleus, but also that they could not be sold nor, of course, that they could be divided among several people. But this type of process also referred to other sectors. Thus, for example, the Church also had a set of properties that remained linked to it, such as monasteries, cathedrals or parishes of different sizes. However, it should not be forgotten that this property bond was a phenomenon that gradually disappeared over the years. Specifically, we can establish that the end of this would begin during the stages of the political and social revolution of the Modern Age. On the Internet, the notion of linking refers to the possibility of navigating between different digital documents through the use of links (also known as hyperlinks, links, hyperlinks or links). Thanks to the link, the documents are linked and the internet user can switch between one and the other simply by clicking on the links.

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