What is UNICEF?

UNICEF is the acronym for United Nations International Fund for Children’s Emergencies (United Nations Children’s Fund, in Spanish). This fund was created in 1946 to help European children after World War II, although seven years later it became a permanent body within the United Nations system. It was decided, however, to keep its name (UNICEF), already popularized around the world.

This organization is dedicated to meeting the needs of children, with food, education and health programs in any region of the planet. His work was recognized with the Nobel Peace Prize in 1965 and, fifty-one years later, with the Prince of Asturias Award for Concord, among other distinctions.

UNICEF tries to ensure compliance with the Declaration of the Rights of the Child , endorsed by the UN in 1924 . The said declaration states that the child must receive the “necessary means” for his “normal material and spiritual development”. The Convention on the Rights of the Child, a UN international treaty, is also supported by UNICEF. The treaty includes 54 articles on the right of those under the age of 20 to be protected, to develop and to participate actively in society. Specifically, there are currently several areas that focus the work of this world organization: Education and Equality. Schooling and education are a fundamental right for which that entity fights at all times so that children from anywhere on the planet can enjoy them, so that they become a reality. To this end, they develop actions that are pursued and managed not only to improve existing school infrastructure, but also to adequately train the teaching staff and make the necessary legislative changes that favor these areas. HIV, AIDS and Children. More than three million children around the world suffer from this disease, which has become one of the scourges of today’s society. That’s why UNICEF works through a campaign entitled “United for children. United for AIDS”, for the prevention of the transmission of this pandemic between mothers and children, the care of the pediatric area or the protection of affected minors. Protection from abuse and exploitation. Preventing any child from being a victim of sexual abuse, labor exploitation, child marriage or militarization is the fundamental objective that this organization seeks to achieve with its different actions in this sector. Child and maternal survival. Reducing infant mortality, which today has absolutely alarming rates, is the ultimate goal that UNICEF wants to achieve. Therefore, it develops a series of programs and campaigns with which it works to improve health, nutrition or sanitation conditions.

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UNICEF has Good Will Ambassadors, personalities who help to publicize the entity’s campaigns and programs. David Beckham, Jackie Chan, Mia Farrow, Roger Federer, Susan Sarandon, Ricky Martin and Shakira are some of these global ambassadors.

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