What is ufology?

To understand what ufology is, we must refer to the English language. In this language, the acronym UFO is used to name an “unidentified flying object” : that is, an unidentified flying object ( UFO , in Spanish).

From UFO derives the concept of ufology, which came to our language as ufology. It is, in short, the study of unidentified flying objects. Ufology can be considered a pseudoscience, as its claims are not usually endorsed by the scientific community at large. UFOlogy claims that UFOs come, in many cases, from other planets. Therefore, ufologists claim that extraterrestrial life exists. To support their speeches, they use videos, photographs and testimonies that, according to their posture, would demonstrate the existence of beings and objects that do not originate from Earth.

Among the phenomena that ufology usually investigates are the appearance of strange marks on plantations, reports of abductions and animal mutilations. In many cases, science has shown that the cases were frauds. Ufology frequently denounces conspiracies by international governments to hide alleged evidence of extraterrestrial life. According to ufologists, the authorities do not want the population to know about the cases. Ufology, the existence of beings from other planets, has always aroused a lot of interest both among ordinary citizens and among artists. Hence, precisely, the world of cinema and television was inspired by him to shape different products. A good example of this is the American television series “X Files”, which was hugely successful in the 1990s and revolved around two FBI investigators who dedicated themselves to investigating cases classified as “X”, because they referred to sightings. from UFOs, paranormal situations, the strangest beings… In fact, we cannot ignore the fact that in Spain there is currently a television program that revolves around aliens, strange sightings and all kinds of events that can be considered impossible or hard to explain. We are referring to the space “Quarto milênio”, presented by journalist Iker Jiménez and which is broadcast weekly on the Cuatro network. In addition to the controversies, several experts in ufology have achieved worldwide fame. The Uruguayan Fabio Zerpa, based in Argentina, is one of them. Also very popular is Spanish ufologist Juan José Benítez, author of several books on UFOs and aliens. Specifically, among his best-known publications, we can highlight “My Favorite UFOs” (2001), “The Unidentified Crewmen” (1983) or “The Spies of the Cosmos” (1983).

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However, in Spain, the psychiatrist and journalist Fernando Jiménez del Oso (1941 – 2005) also became a very important figure in this matter. He played, among many other jobs, the direction of a television show called “Beyond”, which was a great success in the 1970s thanks to his research on the UFO phenomenon, for example.

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