What is udder?

The etymology of uberrĭmus leads to uberrĭmus, a word from the Latin language. The term allows qualifying what stands out for its fertility or abundance.

For example: “This region is an unbearable territory for the development of agriculture, since all species of species can be cultivated here” , “The great cultural heritage of our nation must be disseminated among the new generations” , “In this great soil no would have to starve. Take the case of picking apples. If, due to climatic problems, investments and other productive factors in a given year that crop is substantial, it can be described as very fertile.

Now imagine a tradition that has developed over more than four centuries. Generation after generation, certain rituals and practices were spread and enriched. It is possible to state that it is a vast and vast tradition. El Ubérrimo, on the other hand, is the name of former Colombian President Álvaro Uribe’s agricultural property. As the president explained in a journalistic interview, the farm was named that way more than a century ago, taking on the meaning of uberrimous that appears in the Bible, linked to fertile land. El Ubérrimo is estimated to have an area of ​​around 1,300 hectares. The farm is located in the department of Córdoba and is often used by the Uribe family for rest. “On the paths of El Ubérrimo”, in turn, is the title of a non-fiction book by Iván Cepeda and Alirio Uribe. The work revolves around Colombian problems, such as land eviction and paramilitarism.

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