What is Tray

A tray is a flat piece or something that you can use to present, serve or store things. It can be made of metal, wood, plastic or other materials.

The tray is one of the items that most people use when serving a table and transporting food or drinks, and for this reason it is the item of excellence in the field of gastronomy and hospitality.

Waiters or waiters, therefore, usually do their job with trays. In restaurants, bars and hotels, these people move plates of food and cups or glasses on trays.

A tray can also be a movable part that horizontally divides the inside of a log or similar object; a furniture drawer with a recessed or absent front wall; or a flat horizontal piece that, in cars, is between the rear seats and the window.

In computing, the inbox is a folder where all emails are stored, which are received in your email account, as a general rule, the inbox is where all incoming emails enter, except that the email account user redirect to another account. or another folder.

The Inbox is also often referred to as “Inbox Messages”, “Inbox Items”, “Inbox”, and so on.

It depends on the program or email service being used.

In car design, we also find a reference to the given word that designates that moving part whose function is to divide the interior of a trunk.

And in the field of sports, more precisely in basketball, a very common type of shot is called in this and which consists of throwing the ball into the basket after having taken one or two steps after the pot, pushing the ball with the palm of the hand. the hand, going from bottom to top, and placing the ball as close as possible to the basketball hoop.

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