What is Tornado Alley?

A tornado.

Tornado Alley is a section of the United States that is especially prone to severe and frequent tornadoes, especially when compared to the rest of the United States. Several states in this region are famous for their twisters; the states of Oklahoma and Kansas, for example, are well known for their terrifying tornadoes. Especially during the time of year when tornadoes are most common, known colloquially as tornado season, Tornado Alley tends to be a lot of news.

The central states of the country are generally considered part of Beco do Tornado.

While the term “Tornado Alley” is often used, there is actually some controversy over which region of the United States should be classified as Tornado Alley. Most maps focus on the Great Plains states between the Rocky Mountains and the Appalachians, with many specifically highlighting states that are in the direct middle of the United States, while others can wander as far as Florida.

Insurance may be higher in Beco do Tornado states.

The dispute over the boundaries of Beco do Tornado is rooted in discussions about how to define Beco do Tornado. If we just go by the frequency of tornadoes, the map will be much larger, as states like Florida have a lot of tornadoes every year, although they are relatively small. Force alone will generate a much smaller map, which can create a definition that is too narrow; a region with five really large tornadoes each year may not suffer as much damage as an area with 15 smaller tornadoes, for example. As a result, most maps try to incorporate strength, frequency, and records about the amount of damage caused by tornadoes each year.

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A basement or basement can be used when seeking protection from a tornado.

States in Tornado Alley often have building codes that directly address the frequency of tornadoes in an attempt to make structures safer. Visitors may notice a large number of tornado shelters and basements designed to protect people in the event of a tornado, and construction projects often focus on deflection and tornado resistance. In addition, insurance may be higher in Beco do Tornado states, and schools may be encouraged to hold regular drills and tornado safety classes to ensure children know what to do in a tornado.

In all the discussion about where Tornado Alley is, some scientists forget to explain why the area is so prone to tornadoes. The frequency of tornadoes in the region is directly linked to the flat landscape, which allows warm, moist air from the south to flow upwards and meet cold, dry fronts from the north. In areas where these airflows meet, conditions are conducive to the spread of tornadoes.

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