What is threshold?

The term limit has several applications. It is used to name, for example, the entrance or the initial movement of something: “Please tell your brother to come in, he does not have to stand on the threshold of the house” , “The thief hid in the threshold and , when the victim was leaving for work, took the opportunity and went home”, “The team is on the verge of a new title”.

In this sense, we can also establish that there is an expression that relates to this mentioned meaning. We are referring to the verb phrase crossing the threshold. By this, what is meant is that someone in particular happened to enter a house or building. Threshold is the lowest or lowest value of a quantity that can generate a certain effect. In another sense, the threshold is the smallest amount of signal that must exist in order to be perceived by a system.

The notion of threshold is linked to the physical possibilities of sensitivity. The threshold is determined as the lowest level of intensity of a stimulus that has a fifty percent chance of registering. When the stimulus can transmit a nerve impulse, it is considered the threshold. Therefore, the threshold of hearing is called the lowest intensity of a sound that a person’s ear can detect. The normal value is between zero and 25 dB audiometric. Other thresholds linked to hearing are the pain threshold (intensity of the sound that, when exceeded, causes damage to the ear) and the masking threshold (linked to the pressure level). Likewise, we cannot ignore the existence of what is known as the threshold of death. Term used to define the experience lived by those people who, due to various circumstances, live a moment of coma or cardiac arrest during which they claim to have seen the familiar light that led them to leave this world. However, they finally manage to survive and remember that moment. There are several books on the subject, such as the one entitled “Death: a dawn”. Dr. Kübler-Ross is the author of the aforementioned narration in which she deals in depth with the aforementioned topic where, among other things, she states that only 10% of people who were on the aforementioned threshold clearly remember this experience. Finally, Francisco “Paco” Umbral was a writer and journalist born on May 11, 1932 in the capital of Spain and died on August 28, 2007. There are several awards that the author has received throughout his extensive literary career. Among them are the National Short Stories Prize in 1964 for his work Tamouré, the Nadal Prize in 1975 for Las Ninfas, the Antonio Machado Prize in 1990 for the narration entitled Tattoo, the Príncipe de Asturias Prize for Letters in 1996, the Cervantes Prize in 2000 and the 2003 Mesoreno Romanos Journalism Award.

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