What is the treatment for lip warts?

Small amounts of liquid nitrogen can be used to freeze lip warts through cryotherapy.

Some over-the-counter and natural wart treatments can be used to remove warts on the lips. Due to the sensitive nature of facial skin, however, treating lip warts usually requires the assistance of a medical professional. A dermatologist will sometimes prescribe a topical ointment for these warts. Freezing or burning the warts can be used to get rid of some warts, and surgical removal may be necessary for stubborn warts.

Doctors may prescribe salicylic acid-containing ointments to treat lip warts.

Warts are normally caused by a virus known as the human papilloma virus (HPV). While there is no cure for this virus, pesky warts can be removed. Several over-the-counter wart treatments can be purchased for common warts, but people should be careful when trying to get rid of lip warts.

People should never apply a wart remover to the face or lips unless it is specifically formulated for those areas. Wart removers intended to be used on other parts of the body can irritate sensitive lip tissue. When removing lip warts with an over-the-counter ointment, patients should only use products specifically labeled safe for use on the face and lips.

Many natural remedies for warts can also be used to remove lip warts. Apple cider vinegar rubbed on a wart, for example, will sometimes make the wart disappear. This usually takes some time, however, and multiple applications are often required.

A visit to a dermatologist is usually required to get rid of lip warts. He may prescribe an ointment or lotion. Many wart ointments contain salicylic acid, which slowly breaks down the wart.

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Electrosurgery tools are used to burn labial warts with electric current to remove them.

Cryotherapy is a common treatment method to remove lip warts. During this procedure, the doctor carefully applies a small amount of liquid nitrogen. This liquid is around -320 degrees F (-196 degrees C) and when applied to the wart, a blister forms underneath. Eventually, the blister and wart fall off.

In addition to being frozen, warts can also be removed by burning them. Electrosurgery, for example, is a procedure in which wart tissue is burned with an electrical current. Sometimes the wart may fall off on its own, but other times, the doctor may remove it with a curette.

Apple cider vinegar can be helpful in removing warts.

Traditional surgery can also be performed to remove lip warts, but this is somewhat rare. Laser surgery is becoming a popular treatment for facial and lip warts, but it is typically more expensive than other methods. During this procedure, a strong beam of intense light is used to destroy the wart tissue.

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