What is the relationship between maca and diabetes?

Exercise is important for keeping cells healthy and insulin sensitive.

Maca is a root vegetable or plant native to areas of Peru and Bolivia that has long been used as an alternative medical approach to many diseases and disorders. Research addressing maca and diabetes shows that compounds in the root may have certain blood sugar regulating effects in some people. The use of maca for diabetes management is common in some alternative healing programs with individuals who commonly use the fresh root, or its dried and powdered form, in food and cooking. Most doctors continue to advocate the use of conventional medical treatments for blood sugar control in diabetics, as the full effects of maca and diabetes treatment are unknown.

Maca use has been linked to promoting libido and energy.

The use of maca in alternative medicine has been linked to libido and energy promotion, but further analysis suggests that it has a role in the treatment of diabetes. Some research on the relationship between maca and diabetes shows that compounds in maca root can help keep blood sugar under control in type 2 diabetics. Blood sugar is often lowered with the secretion of the hormone insulin, and most research suggests that maca can help in the distribution of this hormone. While research is minimal and inconclusive, most studies indicate maca’s ability to help cells become more sensitive to the effects of insulin, which leads to better blood glucose control.

Maca root can control blood sugar in some individuals.

Researchers aren’t sure about the exact mechanisms by which maca and diabetes are related, but many suggest it may play a role in future diabetes care. Given enough evidence about its effectiveness in managing diabetes, maca may show promise in helping diabetics fight inflammation associated with uncontrolled blood sugar. This is mainly due to the fact that maca contains high levels of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Maca fiber may also contribute to diabetes management, as dietary fiber has been shown to keep blood sugar levels in check.

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Prolonged increase in blood sugar can cause vision problems in diabetics.

It is also suggested that the relationship between maca and diabetes may result in increased endurance during exercise. Studies have shown that intense exercise is important for keeping cells healthy and insulin sensitive, therefore keeping blood sugar at healthy levels. Along with a healthy diet, exercise program, and conventional medical advice, most doctors agree that maca use is relatively safe for most people. It is not suggested that maca be used as the sole treatment for diabetes, as this may override established and proven techniques that can safely control diabetes and its symptoms.

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