What is the most expensive haircut in the world?

The most expensive haircut in the world was done in London.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, as of October 29, 2007, the most expensive haircut in the world was 8,000 pounds sterling ($16,300 US dollars (USD)). This world’s most expensive haircut was made by London, England Stuart Phillips, who is known for being the official hair stylist of the British Academy Television Awards since 2004. The recipient of the $16,300 USD haircut is an Italian woman named Beverley Lateo. who said the hairstyle was worth the expensive price as it was what she wanted – “a perfect haircut”.

To be clear, the haircut price included first-class airfare from Italy to England plus limousine service, a champagne lunch, and basically anything within reason Lateo wanted. It was reported that Ms. Lateo ordered only a tea with cream. She had the services of Mr. Phillips all day, although the most expensive haircut in the world only took about an hour. Mrs. Lateo is a retired real estate developer who owns millions of dollars.

Apparently, Ms. Lateo had tried many different salons across Italy and was dissatisfied with every haircut she’d gotten. Mrs. Lateo paid the $16,300 price for the world’s most expensive haircut not once, but three times. She felt that salons in Italy had ruined her hair and thought Stuart Phillips did a perfect job, and the price was worth it. She said she liked the idea of ​​being taken care of and was so pleased with the haircut and treatment of the client that she is happy to be a regular customer of Mr. Phillips.

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The world’s most expensive haircut at London’s Stuart Phillips Hair Salon included a cut, custom L’Oreal hair products and a hairdryer along with the client’s food, airfare and red carpet treatment. Stuart Phillips hair salon is located in the Covent Garden section of London. Covent Garden is an Italian-style entertainment area popular with tourists. Stuart Phillips has done hairstyles for many celebrities like Ivana Trump and Jean-Claude Van Damme. His normal fee for a regular haircut without airfare and working with the client all day is around 150 pounds sterling ($300).

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