What is the difference between screensavers and wallpapers?

The difference between screensavers and wallpaper is that wallpaper is a static image that acts as a background image for your computer desktop, while screensaver is a computer program that places a moving image on the computer screen while not in use. The screensaver hides the computer desktop, both to prevent damage to the monitor and for security purposes. Sometimes the screen saver on a computer activates other computer programs that may run in the background, such as an antivirus or antispyware scan. Wallpaper and screen savers are commonly used on personal and business computers.

Cathode ray tubes that project the same image for a long period of time can damage the screen.

Back in the day, screen savers served a more functional purpose than they do now. Older computer monitors used cathode ray tube (CRT) technology, similar to older television sets. If a static image was left on the screen of these CRT monitors, or plasma monitors as well, the image could potentially “burn” onto the screen and cause damage. The screen saver moving images prevented this image burn from occurring on the screen. This is no longer a concern with LCD monitors, but many people still use screen savers for aesthetics and privacy, as well as to allow antivirus programs to scan their computer while it is not in use.

Screensavers and wallpapers can be created using a favorite family photo.

You can configure your screen saver program to require a password when someone tries to remove it and return to looking at the desktop. This is very useful in office environments if one is often away from the computer; setting the screen saver password is a quick and basic level of security to prevent others from logging on to your computer. In addition to these functional purposes, screen savers and wallpaper also serve decorative purposes. There are many different screensavers and wallpaper options pre-loaded on most computers, or you can create a new one using your favorite family photos, for example.

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While screensavers have a practical function on the computer, wallpaper is for decoration only. Wallpaper, or a desktop background image, simply fills the desktop where the program icons are located. You can transform your desktop image into anything you want; many people use favorite pictures or there are almost endless options of wallpapers that can be found for free online. The desktop wallpaper can be changed as often as you like. Screensavers and wallpaper are great, free, and easy ways to customize your computer and increase its security.

Both screensavers and wallpaper can be used to personalize the computer and increase its security.

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