What is the difference between Clippers and Trimmers?

Electronic clippers can be used to trim a dog’s fur.

Trimmers and trimmers are devices that can be used to replace scissors when cutting hair. The main difference is that scissors are used to do most of the haircutting, while scissors are meant to clean the ends and do other small jobs. Typically, trimmers are also used to trim facial hair such as beards and mustaches. Both clippers and trimmers are also used to groom animals, and there is a similar distinction between the two in these contexts. Clippers for dogs, horses and other animals are meant to cut most fur or hair, while clippers are used for smaller jobs.

Some shavers are specifically designed to shave mustaches.

The common design that scissors and trimmers share involves a set of comb-like blades that slide over each other when activated. When hair passes between these moving blades, it is cut. Both tools can be manual or electric, although electric units are much more common. Manually operated units feature handles that must be tightened to move the blades back and forth and are still used in some applications. Similar units are also used to clip animals such as sheep, although clippers and electric trimmers are more commonly used with other animals such as dogs and horses.

Nose hair clippers have a specific blade configuration that makes them ideal for trimming nose and ear hair.

As hair clippers and trimmers share a common design, the main differences between these devices are their size and their intended use. Hair clippers are great handheld devices that can be used to perform an entire haircut from start to finish. These “clipper cuts” come in a wide variety of different styles and clippers can also be used to augment regular haircuts that use scissors. Electric mowers are available in professional and consumer models and can come with a variety of options and accessories. Some trimmers are also capable of detailed work, and some models are designed to be cut precisely enough to achieve a bald look.

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Trimmer accessories can allow a man to leave just a little stubble on his face.

Hair clippers are typically urban versions of clippers intended for special or detailed work. Scissors can be used to shave necks, make edges and clean hair lines, but the scissors are specifically designed to do these jobs better and more efficiently. These smaller devices are not normally designed to cut thick, voluminous hair, but they can shave very carefully and precisely. Some units are also intended for certain purposes, such as trimming a beard and mustache. Other units use different blade configurations to trim ear and nose hair.

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