What is the biggest predator that ever lived? (with photos)

The enormous size of the extinct Megalodon shark can be inferred from the size of its teeth.

Which is the biggest predator that ever lived depends on what a person considers to be a predator. There are several definitions of predation, but it’s safe to say that anything that consumes other animals for food is a predator. By this broad definition, the largest that ever existed is the blue whale, which consumes several tons of plankton every day. Plankton includes algae and organisms like krill.

The blue whale, which can reach 30 meters in length, is the largest animal that ever lived.

The blue whale weighs up to 200 short tons (180 metric tons) and individuals up to 98 feet (29.9 m) in length have been found. It is considered not only the biggest predator that ever lived, but the biggest animal in general. However, a whale that filters krill with its fins is usually not what people think of when they hear the word “predator”. The sperm whale can approach, being the largest toothed animal. With a size of up to 20.5 m in length, the sperm whale feeds on fish and various types of squid.

The 15-meter-long Spinosaurus mainly ate fish.

There are also at least three other very large predators that have a chance of vying for the title if the whales are excluded: an unidentified pliosaur called Aramberri’s Monster, which was about 15 m long (contrary to previous exaggerated estimates); Spinosaurus, the largest known predatory dinosaur, at 59 feet (18 m) long; and the titanic shark Megalodon, at 60 feet (18.2 m). The scariest are the last two, which had tremendous volume and would need to eat many other animals to sustain themselves.

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The sperm whale is the largest living animal with teeth.

Spinosaurus was a massive theropod dinosaur with a large tail and an elongated crocodile skull. It was the largest predator of the Mesozoic, weighing 7.7 to 9.9 short tons (7 to 9 metric tons), and lived during the Cretaceous period, 100 to 93 million years ago. Some skeletal fragments have been found in Egypt and Morocco. It mainly ate fish, although it was supposed to consume small herbivores and look for carrion.

Many people consider Megalodon the fiercest predator of all time. This was such a large shark that the height of its tail fin is approximately equal to the length of a Great White Shark. Its teeth, which occasionally emerge from the margins, are larger than a man’s fist. Megalodon lived between 18 and 1.5 million years ago, quite recent in evolutionary terms, which has led some cryozoologists to assume that it could still be alive, although no evidence has been found to that effect.

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