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Optometrists recommend cleaning wipes to clean eyeglasses.

There are several ways to clean your glasses, all focused on removing residue without damaging the lenses. It’s very important to know what kind of glasses you have before cleaning them, however, because some have special protective finishes that can be damaged through some cleaning processes. When you order new glasses, be sure to ask about any special care guidelines your optometrist has for the new lenses.

Rinsing a pair of glasses with warm water will help with cleaning.

One of the best ways to clean eyeglass lenses quickly is with special lens wipes that are formulated to be gentle on glass or plastic. Many optometrists sell such wipes and they can also be found in pharmacies. To clean glass with wet wipes, follow the instructions on the package.

For a more thorough cleaning, you can wash your glasses. Start by cleaning the nose pads and rinse the cups with warm water to remove surface dirt and debris. Then apply a small amount of mild detergent to clean fingers and use them to gently move the soap across the lens in a circular motion. Make sure you don’t push the lenses too hard as you don’t want to scratch them. Rinse the glasses again in warm water; if they are really clean, the lenses will repel water, so just dry the frames with a soft cotton cloth.

Different cleaning methods are available depending on the type of material the lenses are made of.

To get the dirt under the nose guard, you can use a small toothbrush. Be careful not to touch the lenses, as the bristles can scratch them. Keep your glasses clean by storing them in a hard case when you’re not wearing them, and avoid touching the lenses as you can scratch them and leave oil residue on your hands. Optometrists also recommend that you remove your glasses with both hands to avoid bending the frames.

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Some glass is treated with protective finishes that can be damaged during cleaning.

You might be surprised to see how dirty your glasses will get. If you clean your eyeglasses regularly, you may find your life clearer and generally more pleasant, so you might want to get into the habit of cleaning them at a set time every week or even every day. For quick touch-ups, bring a soft, lint-free cloth that you can use to gently wipe the lens to remove dirt smudges and other particles that can obscure your vision.

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