What is the best way to apply for a job?

Most job seekers will need to submit a resume and cover letter to be considered for a position.

The best way to apply for a job is one that gives your application the most positive attention without generating anything negative. The exact way to do this, however, will be different for each job. Some ways to successfully apply for a job are listed below.

First, use your contacts. Contacts are people you know and have a decent opinion of you. Is one of them in a position to hire people? Do they know someone who is hiring and can they ask that person for an interview? Whether it’s a father getting his son a job at the family law firm or a brother in the human resources fraternity hiring one of his friends, using contacts is one of the most effective ways to get a job.

Meeting in person with employers can set you apart from the rest.

Then go in person if possible. Many companies now use the Internet to screen job applicants; some, however, still accept applications in person. Feel free to go to a job site and ask someone at the information desk or an assistant manager if the company is currently accepting applications. If so, ask if you can fill out a form or give a copy of your resume. In fact, meeting people who can hire you gives you a chance to make a lasting first impression and can set you apart from other job seekers. Do not attempt to submit an application during peak activity times, such as at a lunchtime restaurant; instead, go when business is slowest so your app isn’t just brushed aside and forgotten about.

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You can start the application process by finding job offers in the classifieds section of a newspaper.

Use a hiring service or a human resources company. Some companies don’t hire employees directly for many of their positions – they go through a hiring service. Submitting your application to a hiring service associated with the job or company you want is a great way to land a job. Hiring services is usually not paid unless someone from your company gets a job, so they have an incentive to help you find work.

Many people use Internet job boards to look for a new job.

Another way to apply for jobs is to access the company’s website. Most companies have a website and some post job openings on it. These vacancies can usually be found in the “careers” section, if they are posted online. Applying for a job in person is often better than applying online, but many companies no longer accept applications “at the door”.

Use a job site. Job sites are the modern version of a newspaper’s wanted-for-help section. Many job openings are posted on job sites you won’t find anywhere else, so it’s worth using them. To apply for a job through a job site, the candidate is usually asked to create an online profile that includes a resume and email address. Each job posted on such a site will usually have specific instructions on how to apply, and these should be carefully followed.

Check the wanted section of your local newspaper. Some employers still use only the requests for help section of the local newspaper and a sign on the door to indicate that there are job openings. Follow the job listing instructions to maximize your potential to be hired.

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In addition to the above mentioned ways of applying for a job, the following tips can also be helpful in getting a job.

Dress at work level. You must always be presentable and well prepared when applying for a job; what you wear, however, can make or break your chances. Going to a billion dollar company and doing an interview in ripped jeans and a t-shirt will count against you. Likewise, if you sign up at a local fast food restaurant for a grill job wearing a three-piece suit, the manager might think something is a little off. Dress to your desired pay rate.

Customize your resume for each job you are applying for. Each job is unique, so try and make your resume unique as well. There are many ways to do this, but a few possibilities include: emphasizing similar job experiences that you’ve had, clearly displaying that you meet the qualifications for the job, and including information about yourself that might be applicable to the position you are applying for. Also, include a cover letter that relates to the job and your specific ability to succeed at it.

Try and follow up on each application. A week after an application has been submitted, it is usually all right to contact a prospective employer if they have previously listed their contact information. Call, e-mail, or stop in to the employer’s office and ask about the status of your application. If the company has specifically stated that applicants should not e-mail or call the company, then do not attempt to follow up.

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