What is Swirl?

To understand the meaning of the term vortex, the first thing we will do is determine its etymological origin. In this sense, it should be noted that it derives from Latin, specifically from “vorago”, which can be translated as “whirlpool” or “abyss”.

The first meaning mentioned in the dictionary elaborated by the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) of the term voragine alludes to the whirlpool that forms in certain watercourses. This concept, however, is often used symbolically. The whirlwind, in this sense, can be the succession or accumulation of elements or situations that, due to their speed, generate confusion and perplexity . For example: “Tomorrow my vacation ends and I go back to the office whirlpool”, “I can’t believe it! In the midst of the whirlwind, I forgot Paula’s birthday”, “It’s always good to get out of the whirlpool and stop to reflect. ”

In general, the idea of ​​whirlwind refers to the fast pace of daily life in large cities. A woman who wakes up every day at 7 am, spends nine hours in an office, then goes to university and when she returns home to prepare dinner for her family, she lives immersed in the whirlwind. This multiplicity of obligations and responsibilities does not leave you free time. Sometimes the whirlpool appears only at special or extraordinary times. A journalist can lead a more or less monotonous existence, but when sent to cover an international summit of presidents, he must spend an entire week working twelve hours a day, conducting interviews and writing stories. At least for that week, his work is involved in the whirlwind. Finally, the concept of a vortex appears in the title of different artistic works, such as the album “Vorágine” by the rock band Airbag. In the cultural sphere we must also highlight the existence of the work “La voragine”. It is a book by the Colombian writer José Eustasio Rivera, which gave him the greatest success of his entire career. It was published in 1924 and is considered one of the most relevant classics in the country’s literature by the aforementioned author. It brings us closer to the life of Arturo Cova, a poet, who lives a story of love and passion with a woman named Alicia. Together, they decide to move away from the society they live in and go to the Amazon jungle, which will allow them to open their eyes to the world they live in. There they will witness how the natives are treated like slaves and how the settlers maintain a despotic attitude.

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Likewise, we cannot ignore the figure of Santiago de la Vorágine, which is the Castilianized name of Blessed Jacopo della Voragine (1230 – 1298). In addition to being Bishop of Genoa, he went down in history for a literary work entitled “The Golden Legend”. This is a compendium of existing legends about a large number of saints, specifically over 170 different ones.

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